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Vision 2040 Advisory Committee

Vision 2040 Advisory Committee

The Vision 2040 Advisory Committee will be empaneled until the Vision 2040 Plan is completed.

Member Position First Appointed Current Term Begins Current Term Ends
Wayne Belmont10/25/201610/25/201610/25/2016
Bob Berman10/25/201610/25/201610/25/2016
Beatriz Bottello10/25/201610/25/201610/25/2016
Steve Boynton10/25/201610/25/201610/25/2016
Bill Branigan10/25/201610/25/201610/25/2016
Cathey Briggs10/25/201610/25/201610/25/2016
Lorna Davis10/25/201610/25/201610/25/2016
Wendy Engler10/25/201610/25/201610/25/2016
Matt Harner10/25/201610/25/201610/25/2016
Kaety Jacobson10/25/201610/25/201610/25/2016
Jessica Linnell10/25/201610/25/201610/25/2016
Spencer Nebel10/25/201610/25/201610/25/2016
Patricia Patrick-Joling10/25/201610/25/201610/25/2016
Carla Perry10/25/201610/25/201610/25/2016
Bonnie Petersen10/25/201610/25/201610/25/2016
Robert Porch10/25/201610/25/201610/25/2016
Sandra Roumagoux10/25/201610/25/201610/25/2016
Laura Swanson10/25/201610/25/201610/25/2016
Lucinda Taylor10/25/201610/25/201610/25/2016
Tom Webb10/25/201610/25/201610/25/2016

Greater Newport Vision 2040 Advisory

Greater Newport Vision 2040 Advisory Page

Public notice of all City of Newport meetings will be made by posting on bulletin boards at the following locations:

  • City Hall, 169 SW Coast Highway
  • Newport Public Library, 35 NW Nye Street
  • Newport Recreation Center, 225 SE Avery Street