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Planning Commission Vacation Rental Ad-Hoc Committee Meetings

Date Agenda
8/22/2018Public Open House for Potential Changes to Newports Rules for Vacation Rentals 8-22-18
8/15/2018Public Open House for Potential Changes to Newports Rules for Vacation Rentals 8-15-18
7/25/2018VRD Ad Hoc Committee No 12 Packet
7/11/2018VRD Ad Hoc Committee No 11 Packet
Meeting Submittal - Outreach Meetings
Meeting Submittal from AC Member Escobar
Meeting Submittal from AC Member Winsor
Committee Request Dailey
Meeting Submittal - Resolution No. 3585
6/27/2018VRD Ad Hoc Committee No 10 Packet
Committee Request VRD Application and Endorsement Count in 2018
Meeting Submittal 250 ft Buffer Maps
Meeting Submittal Cannon Beach 14 Day Occupancy
Meeting Submittal STR Helper.
6/13/2018VRD Ad Hoc Committee No 9 Packet
Email from Committee Member Winsor
Meeting Submittal Lon Brusselback
Meeting Submittal Berman Memo 6-7-18
Meeting Submittal Agate Beach prohibited zone numbers
Meeting Submittal News Times Article
Meeting Submittal Charlotte Boxer
5/16/2018VRD Ad Hoc Committee No 8 Packet
Meeting Submittal - Host Compliance Solution Intro Materials - March 2018
5/2/2018VRD Ad Hoc Committee No 7 Packet
Meeting Submittal -LUBA Decision VRD-Cathey Briggs
Meeting Submittal - Memo to City Council on VRDs-Cathey Briggs
Meeting Submittal - Bob Berman
Meeting Submittal - Charlotte Boxer
4/18/2018VRD Ad Hoc Committee No 6 Packet
Meeting Submittal - Roy Filby
Information from Committee Member Dailey-Tahoe Article
4/4/2018VRD Ad Hoc Committee No. 5 Packet
Meeting Submittal - Sandy Benning
3/14/20181. VRD Ad Hoc Committee Agenda No. 4
2. Allowed Locations- Density Limits - Dev Stds b-w
3. Allowed Locations- Density Limits - Dev Stds color
4. Committee Schedule - 3.14.18 Draft
5. Committee Request - Updated VRD List sorted by Zone
1.a 02-28-18 Draft VRD Advisory Committee Minutes
7. Meeting Submittal - Rod Croteau and Matthew Fischer Report
8. Committee Request - Room Tax Collection FYE 2017
2/28/20181. VRD Ad Hoc Committee Agenda No. 3
2. 02-14-18 VRD Advisory Committee Minutes
3. Building Official Memo
4a. VRD Safety and Development Standards - color
4b. VRD Safety and Development Standards - black and white
5. Committee Request - VRD List with Construction Type
6. Committee Request - VRD Enforcement
7. Committee Request - VRD Complaints and Responses
8. Meeting Submittal - Fire Department VRD Inspection Programs
9. Meeting Submittal - Steve Lane and John Vann Report
10. Meeting Submittal - Bob Berman Report
11. Winsor Shared Info-Impact of VRDs on Housing in Sonoma County
2/14/201800-VRD Ad Hoc Committee Agenda No 2
1. Summary of VRD Best Management Practices
2. City VRD Summaries and FAQs
3. VRD Sample Code Compilation
4. Seattle Short Term Rental Policy Brief 2017
5. San Francisco Homesharing Study 2018
6. Committee Request - Active Endorsed VRDs Count per Zone
8. 01-31-18 Draft VRD Advisory Committee Minutes
9. VRD Activity List 2-9-18
7. Committee Request - Active Endorsed VRDs Sorted by Zone.
10. Information by AC Member Carla Perry-Neighborhood Map Stats
1/31/201801-VRD Ad Hoc Committee Agenda No 1
05-Materials - vacation rentals 11-30-17
06-Materials - PC 5-yr Review
02-Materials - Declarations of Conflicts
03-Materials - Committee Schedule - 1.31.18 Draft
04-Materials - Newport VRDs - Past and Present
07-Supplemental - Active Endorsed VRDs

Vacation Rental Ad-Hoc Committee

Member Position First Appointed Current Term Begins Current Term Ends
Don Andre1/9/20181/9/201812/31/2018
Charlotte Boxer1/25/20181/25/201812/31/2018
Cheryl Connell1/9/20181/9/201812/31/2018
Margaret Dailey1/9/20181/9/201812/31/2018
Braulio Escobar1/9/20181/9/201812/31/2018
Norman Ferber1/9/20181/9/201812/31/2018
James Hanselman1/9/20181/9/201812/31/2018
Lauri Hines1/9/20181/9/201812/31/2018
Pam McElroy1/25/20181/25/201812/31/2018
Jamie Michel1/9/20181/9/201812/31/2018
Carla Perry1/9/20181/9/201812/31/2018
Bill Posner1/9/20181/9/201812/31/2018
Bonnie Saxton1/9/20181/9/201812/31/2018
Martha Winsor1/25/20181/25/201812/31/2018

Audit Committee Meetings

Public notice of all City of Newport meetings will be made by posting on bulletin boards at the following locations:

  • City Hall, 169 SW Coast Highway
  • Newport Public Library, 35 NW Nye Street
  • Newport Recreation Center, 225 SE Avery Street