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Please note that not all Resolutions are currently available online. Hard copies are available from the City Recorder upon request.

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3799 ADMINISTRATION: Initiating the Renaming of Don Davis Park to Don and PriscillaAnn Davis Park 

3798 ADMINISTRATION: Establishing an Ad-hoc Work Group to Determine How to Distribute City of Newport Affordable Housing Construction Excise Tax Funds 

3797 PLANNING: Establishing an Advisory Committee for the Preparation of a Park System Master Plan 

3796 ADMINISTRATION: Authorizing the City of Newport to Apply for a Local Government Grant from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department for Development of Improvements at Sam Moore Park and Betty Wheeler Memorial Field and Delegating Authority to the City Administrator to Sign the Application and Grant Agreement 

3794 ADMINISTRATION: Expressing Formal Support for the Newport Coast Guard Booster’s Application for Re-Designation of the Newport as a Coast Guard City 

3793 ADMINISTRATION: Opposition to the Offshore Drilling of Oil and Gas and Associated Exploration Activities off the Oregon Coast 

3792 URBAN RENEWAL: Adopting a Supplemental Budget Adjustment for Fiscal Year 2017-18, Making Appropriations/Total Requirement Changes for Specific Funds 

3791 ADMINISTRATION: Adopting a Supplemental Budget Adjustment for Fiscal Year 2017-18, Making Appropriation/Total Requirement Changes for Specific Funds 

3795 ADMINISTRATION: Adopting a Corrective Plan of Action for Findings Related to the 2016-17 Fiscal Year Audit 

3781A ADMINISTRATION: Repealing Resolution No. 3348 and Incorporating Changes In Oregon State Law 192 Effective January 1, 2018