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Newport Short-Term Rental Ordinance Amendments


The information listed below relates to potential amendments to City of Newport regulations for vacation rentals (i.e. short-term rentals). It is the product of about 10-months’ worth of work by a group of volunteers that served on an "Ad-Hoc Work Group" formed by the Newport Planning Commission to assess how the existing rules could be improved. A schedule of their meetings, listed below, includes a link to the committee webpage, where you can see all of the materials they reviewed.

There were a number of key policy areas where the Ad-Hoc Work Group could not reach consensus. They are framed as policy alternatives in the draft Ordinance No. 2144 code amendments, and the Planning Commission will look to narrow these down to a set of preferred alternatives after taking public testimony. The Planning Commission makes a recommendation to the City Council who, in turn, will hold one or more public hearings before an ordinance is adopted.

This web page will be updated regularly as new information becomes available, including testimony that is submitted as part of the public hearings process.

Notice of November 13, 2018 Planning Commission Public Hearing

Two-Page Summary of Potential Code Changes

Table of Ordinance No. 2144 Changes with Policy Rationale

Clean Copy of draft Municipal Code Chapter 4.25 (Ordinance No. 2144)

Clean Copy of draft Municipal Code Chapter 14.25 (Ordinance No. 2144)

Allowed Location Map Alternatives

Spacing Requirement Map Alternatives

Ad-Hoc Work Group Meeting Schedule

Information from the November 13, 2018 Planning Commission Public Hearing