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System Development Charges

System Development Charges (SDCs)are a reimbursement fee, an improvement fee, or a combination thereof assessed or collected at the time of increased usage of a capital improvement or issuance of a development permit, building permit, or connection to the capital improvement.

The purpose of System Development Charges is to impose a portion of the cost of capital improvements for water, wastewater, storm drainage, transportation, and parks on developments and redevelopments that create the need for or increase the demands on capital improvements.

SDC Charts -- This link provides tables for calculating SDCs and is excerpted from:

City of Newport Public Infrastructure System Development Charge Methodology manual - (draft September 2007 - adopted by the City Council)

SDC Worksheet

Current System Development Charge Rates - RESOLUTION NO. 3699


3/17/17 - 90-Day Notice of System Development Charge Methodology