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Greater Newport Vision 2040

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Click here to see a FINAL DRAFT of the Greater Newport Area Vision 2040 and Strategic Plan!




DRAFT Greater Newport Area Vision 2040 - Our Community Vision


Strategies Prioritization Matrix

Roles and Priorities Worksheets (6)

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You spoke. We listened. Join us for the next step!

Please join us for a Public Hearing on November 6th to share your comments about the DRAFT Greater Newport Area Vision 2040 and Strategic Plan. The hearing will be held on Monday, November 6 at 6 PM in the Council Chambers at City Hall in Newport. You may also submit your comments any time through the following link.

For additional questions or comments, please email Rachel Cotton at r.cotton@newportoregon.gov or call 541.574.3341.

What is a community vision?

Visioning is a process through which a community can envision the future it wants, plan how to achieve it, and begin to make it happen. A community vision is an overall image of what a community aspires to be and how it prefers to look at a point in the future.

The City of Newport is in the process of developing a long-range, community-wide vision. A vision is a statement of our common values and, as such, is strongest when there is broad public engagement.  Greater Newport's 2040 visioning process offers an opportunity for the community to envision the future it wants and the steps that collectively need to be taken to make that desired future a reality. The vision will help guide the City and community in decision making and community partnership building moving forward.

Click here to see some sample vision plans.

Click here for more information about the project.