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Staff Picks

August Picks

Two if by Sea

Two if by Sea by Jacquelyn Mitchard

Just hours after his wife and her entire family perish in the Christmas Eve tsunami in Brisbane, American expat Frank Mercy pulls a little boy from a submerged car, saving the child’s life with only seconds to spare. In that moment, Frank’s own life is transformed.

Recommended by Sheryl

The Rent Collector

The Rent Collector by Camron Wright

 Sang Ly struggles to survive by picking through garbage in Cambodia's largest municipal dump. Under threat of eviction by an embittered old drunk who is charged with collecting rents from the poor of Stung Meanchey, Sang Ly embarks on a desperate journey to save her ailing son from a life of ignorance and poverty.

Recommended by Gwen

Hidden Half of Nature

The Hidden Half of Nature by David R. Montgomery and Anne Biklé

Reveals how to transform agriculture and medicine by merging the mind of an ecologist with the care of a gardener and the skill of a doctor.

Recommended by Rebecca

The Dog Who Wouldn't Be

The Dog Who Wouldn't Be by Farley Mowat

Mutt's pedigree was uncertain, but his madness was indisputable.  He climbed tress and ladders, rode passenger in an open car wearing goggles and displaying hunting skills that bordered on sheer genius.  He was a marvelous dog, worthy of an unusual boy growing up a raw, untamed wilderness.

Recommended by Sharon

Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper

The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper by Phaedra Patrick

Sorting through his dead wife’s possessions, Arthur Pepper finds a gold charm bracelet he's never seen before. What follows is a surprising odyssey that takes Arthur from London to Paris and as far as India in an epic quest to find out the truth about his wife's secret life before they met.

Recommended by Rita

Redemption Road

Redemption Road by John Hart

This psychological thriller wends through a series of murders and distracted law enforcement who struggle with a possible perpetrator in their midst.

Recommended by Stacy

Blood and Beauty

Blood and Beauty by Sarah Dunnant       

 A tale inspired by the lives of Borgia siblings Lucretia and Cesare traces the family's rise in the aftermath of Rodrigo Borgia's rise to the papacy, during which war, a terrifying sexual plague, and the family's notorious reputation forge an intimate bond between brother and sister.

Recommended by Jeff

Hail, Caesar!

Hail, Caesar! (DVD)

A comedy set during the latter years of Hollywood's Golden Age. It follows a single day in the life of a studio fixer who is presented with plenty of problems.

Recommended by Alice

39 Clues Book One, Maze of Bones

The 39 Clues Book One, Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan

At the reading of their grandmother's will, Dan and Amy Cahill are given the choice of receiving a million dollars or uncovering the 39 clues hidden around the world that will lead to the source of the family's power, but by taking on the clues, they end up in a dangerous race against their own family members.

Recommended by Rita


The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri                                               

 Brothers Subhash and Udayan pursue vastly different lives--Udayan in rebellion-torn Calcutta, Subhash in a quiet corner of America--until a shattering tragedy compels Subhash to return to India, where he endeavors to heal family wounds.

Recommended by Sheryl

The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray

The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray by Robert Schnakenberg

This A-to-Z compendium is part biography, part critical appreciation, part love letter, and all fun. Schnakenberg chronicles every Murray, and relates all the milestones, yarns, and controversy in the life of this enigmatic performer.

Recommended by Rebecca

American Housewife

American Housewife by Helen Ellis

Twelve uproarious stories constituting a pointed commentary on modern womanhood.

Recommended by Alice

Rare Objects

Rare Objects by Kathleen Tessaro

In Depression-era Boston, a city divided by privilege and poverty, two unlikely friends are bound by a dangerous secret.

Recommended by Rita

South of Broad

South of Broad by Pat Conroy

Leopold Bloom King has been raised in a family shattered—and shadowed—by tragedy. Lonely and adrift, he searches for something to sustain him and finds it among a tightly knit group of high school outsiders.

Recommended by Gwen

Newt’s Emerald

Newt’s Emerald by Garth Nix

On her eighteenth birthday, Lady Truthful, nicknamed "Newt," will inherit her family's treasure: the Newington Emerald. A dazzling heart-shaped gem, the Emerald also bestows its wearer with magical powers. When the Emerald disappears one stormy night, Newt dresses as a man and sets off to recover it.

Recommended by Alice

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce

Harold Fry is convinced that he must deliver a letter to an old love in order to save her, meeting various characters along the way and reminiscing about the events of his past and people he has known, as he tries to find peace and acceptance.

Recommended by Sheryl