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Employee of the Year

In 1999, a program was started to recognize and honor Newport Police Department employees who had displayed unusual excellence during the course of that year. Employees are given this award after being recommended by the supervisory staff, and upon the concurrence of command staff and the Chief of Police.

Employees who received this honor displayed the highest values of the police profession during the year chosen and served the City of Newport with exemplary Nobility, Professionalism, and Dedication. They continue to be recognized on this page.


2016 - Records Clerk Kathy Woosley

2015 - Officer Rick Auborn

2014 - Officer Brad Purdom

2013 - Sgt. Brent Gainer

2012 - Officer Brad Purdom

2011 - Officer Thomas Lekas

2010 - Officer Thomas Lekas

2009 - All NPD Staff

2008 - Officer Kraig Mitchell

2007 - Sgt. Jason Malloy

2006 - Officer Dustin Kittel & Records Clerk Teresa Canfield

2005 - Officer Tony Walker

2004 - Officer Tom Simpson

2003 - Sgt. Mark Huber

2002 - Officer Darcy Olafson

2001 - Sgt. Mark Huber

2000 - Sgt. Dave Bavaro

1999 - Sgt. Tony Garbarino