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Please note that not all Agreements are currently available online. Hard copies are available from the City Recorder upon request.

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Agreement Number Agreement   Date Adopted Expiration
3625 ADMINISTRATION: 2024 Special Event Agreement Between the City of Newport and the Lincoln County Small Farmers Association 

3622 ADMINISTRATION: Amendment No. 4 to the City of Newport Employees' Retirement Plan 

3624 ADMINISTRATION: Agreement with Recast Software Sales to Lock in Discount on Annual Services with Renewals Occuring Each Year at the Discounted Rate Until Services are Canceled. 

3616 ADMINISTRATION: Display Agreement and Purchase Order between Western Display Fireworks, Ltd. And Newport, OR 

3617 URBAN RENEWAL: Professional Services Agreement with South Beach Placemaking Consulting Services 

3618 ADMINISTRATION: Amendment to Professional Services Agreement Between City of Newport and GSI Water Solutions, Inc. 

3621 ADMINISTRATION: Personal Services Agreement between the City of Newport (Recreation) and Susan Cooper for Tai Chi Classes 

3620 ADMINISTRATION: Amendment No. 2 to Engagement Agreement Between the City of Newport and Vulin Wilkinson LLC 

3611 ADMINISTRATION: Annual Agreement Between DBT Transportation Aviation and the City of Newport for Support and Maintenance Services Order Summary for 2024 

3613 ADMINISTRATION: Goods and Services Contract for Biosolids Hauling - Transport Biosolids from Newport to Crestmont Farms 

3612 ADMINISTRATION: CAFÉ Public Art System Membership (1year) 

3609 ADMINISTRATION: Public Art Archive Collection Management System Service Agreement 

3610 PUBLIC WORKS: Agreement for CIP Project #21-006: Water Treatment Plant Excess Recirculation (XR) System Improvements 

3614 URBAN RENEWAL: Grant Contract -- Newport Urban Renewal Agency Asbestos Abatement Project 

3608 ADMINISTRATION: Amendment to Employment Agreement between City of Newport and David N. Allen 

3606 ADMINISTRATION: Agreement Amendment #2 between the State of Oregon (OEM) and the City of Newport 

3607 ADMINISTRATION: Addendum for Robotic Competition in Aquatic Center (Annual Event) 

3605 ADMINISTRATION: Memorandum of Understanding Between Oregon Department of Human Services, Lincoln County, and Newport City 

3623 ADMINISTRATION: Intergovernmental Agreement Between the City of Newport and Pacific Communities Health District Relating to Disbursement of Opioid Settlement Funds and NW Biggs Street Improvements at the Samaritan Coastal S.T.A.R.S. Facility 

3602 ADMINISTRATION: Agreement for Hangar Site Lande Lease with M. Vest & K. Vest 

3619 ADMINISTRATION: Amendment No. 01 to Safe Routes to School Program and Grant Agreement 

3603 ADMINISTRATION: Administrative Policy No. 2024-01 Rules of Conduct for the Newport Public Library 

3600 ADMINISTRATION: Agreement for Xerox Lease to Replace Two Worn Out Printers in Finance Department. 

3601 ADMINISTRATION: Encroachment Permit Agreement Between City of Newport, Brendan Mathews, and Stanley Pickens, Trustee of the Stanley S. Pickens Trust. 

3598 ADMINISTRATION: Addendum to Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement with Ocean Bento LLC and/or Assigns 

3511 ADMINISTRATION: Airport Lease Agreement with LBL Properties, LLC/Rodney Barbour Land Lease Hangar 3 

3512 ADMINISTRATION: Oregon Supplement to Statewide Allocation Agreement under the Mallinckrodt PLC, etal. Bankruptcy and Additional Settling Company Agreements