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Please note that not all Agreements are currently available online. Hard copies are available from the City Recorder upon request.

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Agreement Number Agreement   Date Adopted Expiration
3501 ADMINISTRATION: Professional Services Agreement Amendment with Public Affairs Counsel for State Legislative Affairs Services 

3502 ADMINISTRATION: Professional Services Agreement with Water Strategies, LLC. Amend Contract for Federal Lobbying Support for FY 23-24 

3506 ADMINISTRATION: Amendment No 2 to Pesonal Services Agreement with Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce 

3497 ADMINISTRATION: Tourism Facilities Grant 2023 with Newport Sealion Docks Foundation 

3498 ADMINISTRATION: Personal Services Agreement Accuscript Transcription and Typing Services 

3489 PUBLIC WORKS: Amendment No 3 to Professional Services Agreement with Dig Deep Research LLC. FY 23/24 Scope of WorkTasks 1-4 

3490 ADMINISTRATION: 3 Year Small Local Government Cloud Based Enterprise Agreement Annual Subscription ESRI-Q-499187 

3473 PLANNING: Avigation Easement with Edgar Townsend III, and Kathryn Townsend 

3482 ADMINISTRATION: Access Easement Granted to Edgar Townsend III and Kathryn Townsend 

3483 PUBLIC WORKS: Amendment No 1 to Solids Dude Solutions Professional Service Agreement Vance Avery Waste Water Treatment Plant 

3474 PUBLIC WORKS: Contract Change Order No 3 Michels Corporation for Storm Pipe Rebilitation and Outfall F Erosion and Slope Repair AIP 3-41-0040-027-2020 Newport Airport 

3481 URBAN RENEWAL: Sales Agreement with Zu Yang Guan and Mei Ai Zhu 415 and 421 SW Coast Highway Newport Oregon 97365 

3484 PUBLIC WORKS: Telecommunications Line Fiber Optic Easement with LS Networks for 11-11-08-AC-0-2000 

3485 URBAN RENEWAL: Fifth Amendment to Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions with Hallmark Inn and Resorts 

3486 PUBLIC WORKS: Temporary Emergency Amendment No 2 to Crestmont Contract for Biosolids Storage and Land Application to Accommodate the Summer Production 

3492 PUBLIC WORKS: Amendment No 7 to Engineering Services Agreement Dam Consultant of Record HDR Engineering 

3495 ADMINISTRATION: Memorandum of Understanding with Lincoln County for Abandoned RV Abatement 

3491 PUBLIC WORKS: Task Order 19 of Dan Engineer of Record Contract with HDR (2013 Base) 

3475 PLANNING: Final Order and Findings of Fact 2023-1 for a Conditional Use Permit submitted by John Lee for a Hotel with Ground Floor Commercial Uses 836-856 SW Bay Blvd 

3479 ADMINISTRATION: Addendum No 1 to the Denali Biosolids Hauling Contract to Change the Fee 

3480 PUBLIC WORKS: Professional Services Agreement Addendum No 1 to Stantec for Water Treatment Plant XR System Improvements 

3478 ADMINISTRATION: Professional Services Agreement with Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc. for a Solar Photovoltaic Feasibility Study at the Newport Municipal Airport 

3487 PLANNING: Declaration of Real Covenant with Michael Magee Ann Magee Magee Famil Trust for Lots 6,7 Rhododendron Park Subdivision Business License 6855 

3477 PUBLIC WORKS: Goods and Services Contract with Kropf for Re-roofing of Performing Arts Center 

3476 ADMINISTRATION: Addendum No 1 to Goods and Services Contract Between City of Newport and T2 Systems, Inc. for Bayfront Parking Management Solution 

3440 ADMINISTRATION: Agreement with Laurel M. Bourret Hangar Site Land Lease Site A 

3471 ADMINISTRATION: Personal Services Agreement with Rebecca Sinnhuber for independent contracting at the Recreation and Aquatic Center 

3472 ADMINISTRATION: Agreement with DBT Transportation Services for maintenance of AWOS Airport 

3470 ADMINISTRATION: Goods and Services Contract with T2 Systems INC for Implementation of Bayfront Parking Management Solution 

3465 PUBLIC WORKS: Agreement with Oregon Department of Emergency Management OEM DR-5195-2-R Agreement Amendment No 1 for one year extension to 01/29/2024 

3451 ADMINISTRATION: Agreement with Xerox Officer Copier Lease 

3469 PUBLIC WORKS: Amendment No 2 with YGH for Phase VII of PAC Renovations HVAC Controls 2021-029 and PAC Expansion 2020-018 

3455 ADMINISTRATION: Memorandum of Understanding Between the State Library of Oregon and the Newport Public Library for Teen Internship Grant 

3456 ADMINISTRATION: CWSRF Loan Agreement R68934 Amendment No 1/R68936 Amendment No 2 

3467 ADMINISTRATION: Agreement with Hallmark to Provide the City of Newport Sister City Dinner 

3460 PLANNING: Land Waiver of Remonstrance with John Mathioudakis TL 11-11-05-BD-5504 

3466 PUBLIC WORKS: Professional Services Agreement with Coffman Engineers to conduct minor repairs and testing of Cathodic Protection Systems 

3462 ADMINISTRATION: Agreement with Delta AV for Annual Maintenance 

3463 ADMINISTRATION: Agreement with Canopy to Add Part Time Staff to Employee Assistance Program 

3464 ADMINISTRATION: Approval of 2023 Newport Farmers Market Special Event Permit/Agreement 

3453 ADMINISTRATION: Agreement for CIP Project 22039 Schooner Landing Sewer Bypass Project 

3461 ADMINISTRATION: Agreement with Easter Seals 60+ Center Volunteer Program 

3457 ADMINISTRATION: Purchase Order with Xylem Water Solutions Flygt Pump 

3458 PUBLIC WORKS: Goods and Services Contract with Holt Services for Geotechnical Exploration at the Water Treatment Plant to Faciliate Design of a garage building 

3459 ADMINISTRATION: Agreement with State of Oregon National Opioid Settlement Funds 

3468 URBAN RENEWAL: Purchase Agreement with Salvation Army to Acquire Property at 641 SW Coast and 626-636 SW 9th Street 

3454 ADMINISTRATION: Personal Services Agreement for the Ambassadors Portal Public Art Project 

3438 ADMINISTRATION: Goods and Services Contract with Road and Driveway Company Access Landing for Geotech Drilling for Big Creek Dam 

3439 ADMINISTRATION: Agreement with Parker Johnstone Airport Hangar T-10 

3437 ADMINISTRATION: Agreement with Oregon Coast Council for the Arts Agreement No 2 Phase 7 Performing Arts Center Renovations 

3452 ADMINISTRATION: Agreement with World Fuel for Fuel Supply and Phillips 66 Branding 

3430 PUBLIC WORKS: Personal Services Agreement with Solids Dude Solutions Wastewater Treatment Plant System Supervision 

3434 PUBLIC WORKS: Big Creek Dam Water Rights Engagement Letter with Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP. Transfer of Storage Water Rights Project #28-22040 

3420 PUBLIC WORKS: Professional Services Agreement Task Order #10A Schooner Landing Sewer Bypass Project 

3433 PUBLIC WORKS: Change Order No 2 for Big Creek Dam Access Roads 

3431 PUBLIC WORKS: Personal Services Agreement with Solid Dudes Solutions for Collection System Supervision 

3432 ADMINISTRATION: Professional Services Agreement Solid Dudes Solutions Wastewater Treatment Plant Management and Regulatory Compliance 

3442 ADMINISTRATION: Memorandum of Understanding NRPA Grant Extension for Electronic Health Record Refferal 

3428 ADMINISTRATION: Non-Profit Social Service Agency Grant Agreement CASA-Voices for Children 

3422 ADMINISTRATION: Non Profit Social Service Agency Grant Agreement Every Child Linn Benton Lincoln 

3423 ADMINISTRATION: Non-Profit Social Service Agency Grant Agreement Grace Wins Haven 

3424 ADMINISTRATION: Non-Profit Social Service Agency Grant Agreement with CHANCE (Community Helping Addicts Negotiate Change Effectively) 

3425 ADMINISTRATION: Non-Profit Social Service Agency Grant Agreement Bright Horizons Therapeutic Riding Center 

3426 ADMINISTRATION: Non-Profit Social Service Agency Grant Agreement Food Share of Lincoln County 

3427 ADMINISTRATION: Non-Profit Social Service Agency Grant Agreement Childrens Advocacy Center of Lincoln County 

3429 ADMINISTRATION: Non-Profit Social Service Agency Grant Agreement Lincoln County Animals dba Pick of the Litter Thrift Store FOLCAS 

3450 ADMINISTRATION: Sales Agreement between Oregon Department of Forestry and City of Newport 

3421 ADMINISTRATION: Agreement with Forensic Building Consultants for Aquatic Center Visual Building Enclosure Condition Assessment 

3419 ADMINISTRATION: Agreement with Xerox Lease for Office Copier 

3436 PUBLIC WORKS: Change Order No 2 Engineer Project No 2302-046 South Beach Utility Undergrounding Phase 2 

3435 ADMINISTRATION: Memorandum of Understanding City of Newport and the Newport Police Association Parking Enforcement Officer Wages 

3417 ADMINISTRATION: Authorization of Task Order Number 7 Obstruction Removal Phase 1 Design and Bidding Services for AIP 32 with Precision Approach Engineering, Inc. 

3418 ADMINISTRATION: Agreement with Civil West Engineering Services, Inc. for Abbey Street Pier Surveying