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Please note that not all Ordinances are currently available online. Hard copies are available from the City Recorder upon request.

Also, please refer the Newport Municipal Code as the primary resource. Some ordinances may have been repealed and superceded by more recent ones; the Municipal Code always contains the most current.

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Ordinance Number Ordinance   Date Adopted
2184 ADMINISTRATION: Amending Chapter 1.70 of the Newport Municipal Code Adding New Section 1.70.060 Fire Danger Restrictions 


2183 ADMINISTRATION: Amending Chapter 3.05 of the Newport Municipal Code Increasing the Transient Room Tax Rate 


2182 PLANNING: Amending the Newport Zoning Ordinance to Implement Housing Provisions of HB 2001 (2019) (Newport File No. 4-Z-21) 


2181 ADMINISTRATION: Amending Chapter 2.05 of the Newport Municipal Code Establishing a Group of Planning Commission Citizen Advisors 


2179 PLANNING: Vacating a Portion of SW 2nd Street Between US 101 and SW Angle Street 


2180 PLANNING: Amending Chapters 10.10, 10.15 of the Newport Municipal Code Amending Signage Allowances and Chapters 14.01, 14.03, and 14.10 Related to Development Standards for Communication Facilities Outside of Rights-of-Way 


2176 PLANNING: Adding Chapter 9.25 to the Newport Municipal Code Related to the Placement of Small Wireless Facilities Within Rights-of-Way (Newport File No. 5-Z-20) 


2171 ADMINISTRATION: Amending Chapter 8.10 of the Newport Municipal Code Adding a Chronic Nuisance Property Section and Related Changes 


2175 PLANNING: Amending the Newport Urban Growth Boundary and Comprehensive Plan Map to Facilitate a Land Exchange Adding 43.4 Acres and Removing 71.4 Acres (Newport File No. 1-UGB-20/1-CP-20) 


2174 ADMINISTRATION: Amending Section 2.05.030(A) of the Newport Municipal Code Regarding the Composition of the Library Board