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Please note that not all Ordinances are currently available online. Hard copies are available from the City Recorder upon request.

Also, please refer the Newport Municipal Code as the primary resource. Some ordinances may have been repealed and superceded by more recent ones; the Municipal Code always contains the most current.

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2164 PLANNING: Amending Chapter 2.05 Newport Municipal Code by Adding Section 2.05.085 Establishing a Parking Advisory Committee


2163 PLANNING: Amending the Capital Facilities Chapter of the City of Newport Comprehensive Plan to Establish a Policy Framework for Managing Public Parking Assets in the Nye Beach, City Center, and Bayfront Areas


2161  ADMINISTRATION: Amending Chapter 11.10 of the Newport Municipal Code and Adopting the 2019 Oregon Fire Code 


2160 PLANNING: Amending Sections 14.30.080 and 14.30.100 of the Newport Municipal Code Related to Residential Use in C-2/“Tourist Commercial” Zoned Portions of the Historic Nye Beach Design Review District


2159  ADMINISTRATION: Amending Chapter 4.30 of the Newport Municipal Code Regarding Single-Use, Plastic, Carry-Out Bags and Bringing the Municipal Code into Compliance with Oregon State Statutes and Declaring an Emergency