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Greater Newport Vision 2040 - Get Involved!

Newport Vision bridge logoHow can you get involved today?

Please join us for a Public Hearing on November 6th to share your comments about the DRAFT Greater Newport Area Vision 2040 and Strategic Plan. The hearing will be held on Monday, November 6 at 6 PM in the Council Chambers at City Hall in Newport. You may also submit public comments any time through the following link.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Complete this form to be added to the project's contact list or to sign up as a volunteer.

Over the coming months, there will be many opportunities for community members to help develop a long term vision for the greater Newport area.  Input will be collected through interviews, surveys, focus groups, one-on-one conversations, public events, and activities. Community activities for The Greater Newport Vision 2040 Project will kick off in early 2017 and last through summer 2017.  Project updates and opportunities to give input will be posted here in coming weeks.

What is a community vision?

A vision is a statement of our common values and, as such, is strongest when there is broad public engagement.  Greater Newport's 2040 visioning process offers an opportunity for the community to envision the future it wants and the steps that collectively need to be taken to make that desired future a reality.  Every effort will be made to encourage community-wide participation, with a specific focus on multi-cultural engagement.

Click here to see some sample vision plans.