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Rate Study Information

A public information session will be held on Thursday, April 19, 2018, at 6:00 P.M., at City Hall, to review the recommendations from a utility rate study conducted by FCS Group for the City of Newport. The purpose of this study is to determine whether the current rates would generate sustainable revenues to operate, maintain, and rebuild the water, sewer, and storm sewer systems in the city, and whether the rate structure is fairly allocating the financial responsibilities for the system across the various types of utility customers. Your utility bill consists of a water rate, a sewage rate, a storm water rate, and an infrastructure fee.

Fact Sheet

Water, Sewer and Storm Rate Study

Utility Rates and Fees 2017-18

Council Resolution 3784 establishes utilities rates and fees. This document contains all rates and fees.

Water Utility Charges, Fees, Deposits and Penalties

Wastewater Utility Rates

Infrastructure Improvement Fees

Stormwater Utility Fees

Billing and Payments

The City of Newport processes utility bills on a monthly schedule, mailing bills on the last business day of the month except for customers that have signed-up for online payments. The online bills are posted to customer accounts at www.XpressBillPay.com, and this payment service provides monthly notification.

Payment is due on the 15th of the next month, unless the 15th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday; then payment is due on the next business day.

Payment may be made by cash, check or money order. Debit or Credit Card payments are accepted through www.XpressBillPay.com or by coming into the Finance office. Utility customers have the option to stop receiving a paper bill from the City and make direct payment online. To pay utility bills online, simply go to www.XpressBillPay.com and sign-up for this service.

Past Due Accounts

Utility Accounts are considered past due and subject to turn off for non-pay if payment is not received by the last working day of the month following the billing month. Past due accounts will be sent a "Turn-Off Notice" and will be charged a $20 service charge on the first of the following month. Customers with past due accounts with a "Turn-Off Notice" must pay the past due charges and most recent current month billing at the Finance Department by 5:00 PM on the day prior to the meter "turn-off" day. If full outstanding charges cannot be paid, a payment plan will be offered.

If the meter has been turned-off, past due charges, most recent current month billing and reconnect fee of $44 must be paid by no later than 3:00 PM on the "turn-off" day to get the meter turned on and water service restored. If payment is made after 3:00 PM, water service will be restored on the next business day unless medical/health reasons can be established to cause an earlier water "turn-on."

Again, if you are unable to pay your bill in full, please make payment arrangements in person with the Finance Department, Utilities Collections, at City Hall, 169 SW Coast Hwy. prior to shut off date.

Question about Water Billing?

Contact Finance at 541.574.0617