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Finance Work Group Meetings

Date Agenda
10/9/2018Oct. 9 2018 Finance Work Group
8/14/2018Aug. 14 2018 Finance Work Group
Date Minutes Audio
Download October 9, 2018 
Download August 14, 2018 

Finance Work Group

See Resolution 3817

Member Position First Appointed Current Term Begins Current Term Ends
David Allen8/6/20188/6/20188/13/2019
Edward Backus8/6/20188/6/20188/13/2019
Wendy Engler8/6/20188/6/20188/13/2019
Chuck Forinash8/6/20188/6/20188/13/2019
Dietmar Goebel8/6/20188/6/20188/13/2019
CM Hall8/6/20188/6/20188/13/2019
Richard Mattioli8/6/20188/6/20188/13/2019
Glenda Rhodes8/6/20188/6/20188/13/2019
Sandra Roumagoux8/6/20188/6/20188/13/2019
Mark Saelens8/6/20188/6/20188/13/2019
Dean Sawyer8/6/20188/6/20188/13/2019
Janet Webster8/6/20188/6/20188/13/2019

Budget Committee Meetings

Public notice of all City of Newport meetings will be made by posting on bulletin boards at the following locations:

  • City Hall, 169 SW Coast Highway
  • Newport Public Library, 35 NW Nye Street
  • Newport Recreation Center, 225 SE Avery Street