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Recreational Fires allowed in limited areas of Lincoln County beginning

Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Lincoln County Fire Defense Board, in cooperation with Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF), will begin allowing small recreational fires in select areas of Lincoln County. These areas include properties that are located in fire district protected areas that are NOT primarily protected by Oregon Department of Forestry. The one exception is Yachats Rural Fire Protection District. Yachats will retain a total burning ban, including recreational fires.

In Lincoln County, the areas outside of Oregon Department of Forestry’s primary protection are the areas immediately adjacent to Highway 101 or areas with in an incorporated city. If you are not sure whether your property is primarily protected by ODF you can call the ODF Toledo Unit Office at (541) 336-2273 or contact your local fire agency.

For those areas inside ODF protection AND all areas within Yachats Rural Fire Protection District, ALL burning is still prohibited. The fire ban within the Yachats Fire District and ODF protected areas applies to wood, charcoal, and other flame sources that cannot be turned off with a valve. Liquid fuel stoves or cooking devices that CAN be turned off with a valve are permitted but cannot be left unattended. Designated camp fire areas, including Lincoln County Parks, are exempt meaning recreational fires will be allowed in these areas.

We want to remind everyone that burning of yard debris still is prohibited in ALL of Lincoln County. This burn ban will remain in effect until further notice. A small recreational fire is defined as being no larger than three feet around and must be burned within a designated fire pit or ring away from combustibles and structures. Please contact Oregon Department of Forestry or your local fire agency if you have any questions.



Reminder that outdoor yard debris burning is not yet allowed.

Please call Newport Fire Department at 541-265-9461 if you have questions regarding the start of burn season. Thank you for being patient through our very dry spring and summer.