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2017-18 Burn Season Information



The 2017 - 2018 Burn Season will open on October 2, 2017.


Newport Fire Department issues permits for yard debris burning for properties with the Newport city limits and for the Newport Rural Fire Protection District. "Yard Debris Only" means clippings and branches from trees, bushes and plants grown on the same property as the fire. You must have a permit to burn with the city limits of Newport or within the rural fire protection zone surrounding Newport. Burn permits are now available at the Agate Beach Fire Station located at 225 NE 73rd Street in Newport. Permits are good for one burn season. You must call 541-265-9461 before your fire is lit to notify the fire department that you will be using your permit each time you wish to use your permit.


Fires can be no larger than 3 feet by 3 feet wide, and 2 feet tall. You must have a water source and be present at all times when burning. Call the fire department to activate the permit before you light the fire at 541-265-9461. Fires in an open pit must be 25 feet from the nearest building, shed or wooden fence. Burn barrels must be at least 15 feet from the nearest building, shed or wooden fence.


Recreational fires and camp fires do not require a permit. Small fires for warming, cooking or religious ceremonies do not require a permit.


Bonfires on the beach are regulated by the State Parks. For information regarding beach fires north of Yaquina Bay call Beverly Beach State Park at 541-265-9278. For information regarding fires south of the Yaquina Bay call South Beach State Park at 541-867-4715. Generally, beach fires must be 50 feet away from beach logs or beach grass and must be completely extinguished before you leave. For group bonfires a special use permit is required.


Land clearing, logging operations and slash burns are prohibited by DEQ within 3 miles of Newport city limits. Outside of the3 mile prohibition zone, land clearing, logging operations and slash burns require a permit from Oregon Department of Forestry. Oregon Department of Forestry can be contacted in Toledo at 541-336-2273.


Under Oregon Law it's against the law to conduct any open burning that:

- Unreasonably interferes with enjoyment of life or property
- Creates a public or private nuisance
- Is a hazard to public safety
- Contains prohibited materials


In any of the above cases we will ask you to extinguish your fire. Unattended fires will be extinguished.


Enjoy your yard debris or recreational fire, be safe, be courteous to your neighbors and if you have any questions please call.