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Newport Fire Department conducts several types of inspections:

Plans Reviews occur to check for water supply and emergency vehicle access issues before construction begins.

New Construction inspections look at fire alarm and suppression systems while a project is under construction.

Annual Inspections at local businesses and schools look for fire hazards, emergency exits, emergency lighting, alarm and sprinkler testing. Business inspections for ordinary businesses occur every three years. High hazard occupancies, schools, restaurants and hotels are inspected annually.

Fire Suppression System and Alarm Testing inspections are to test a specific system at installation. Examples include Hood and Duct systems in commercial kitchens and Clean Agent systems in computer server rooms.

During an inspection you can expect an inspector or engine crew to visit your business and do a walk through with you or your chosen representative. Many fire code violations are small things that can be corrected right away. You will have a chance to ask questions and be given a copy of the inspection form at the end of the visit. There is no cost for the inspection and many business owners are often relieved to know they have taken positive steps to reduce the risk of a catastrophe. Even a small fire can mean expensive remodeling, loss of income and disruption for yourself and your employees. You can request an inspection filling out a form and emailing it to the station or by calling 541-265-9461.

Fire Inspections