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Infrastructure Task Force Meetings

Date Minutes Audio
12/19/2013ITF-Draft Recommendations with attachments
12-19-13 Written Public Comment
Mtg Handout-Water Rate and Cost Analysis
Mtg Handout - Typical NW Residential Monthly Bill
Option-2 Wastewater Fund Analysis
Option-2 Water Fund Analysis
Mtg handout - OR Coast Water and Sewer Rate Comparison
12-19-13 Task Force Mtg Minutes

Download December 19 2013 
12/5/2013Mtg Material Gazewood email Regarding--S-P Rating
Infrastructure Information Cities
ITF Minutes 12-5-13

Download December 5 2013 
11/21/201311-21-13 Mtg Material-Wastewater Option
11-21-13 Mtg Material-Water Option
11-21-2013 Task Force Minutes

Download November 21 2013 
11/7/2013ITF meeting discussion 11-07-13
11-7-2013-Task Force Minutes

Download November 7 2013 
10/31/2013Discussion ITF 10-31-13
10-31-2013 Task Force Minutes

Download October 31 2013 
10/10/2013Bond Rating and Debt Rpt-10-10-13
Chase-Park PwrPt Oct-10-2013
10 10 2013 Task Force Minutes
City Properties 2013
Potential Funding Sources - Bullet List

Download October 10, 2013 
9/19/2013Mtg Material-Chase Park Monthly Rpt
Mtg Material-List of Grants
Mtg Material-FY-14 5-year CIP APPROVED 6-17-13
Mtg Material-Npt Strategic Funding Plan FYE2014-9.17.13
Sched-A-Existing Revenues Sources- Bonded Indebtedness
Sched-B-Existing Revenues Sources - Special Revenue
Sched-C-Existing Revenues Sources - SDC Funds
Sched-D-Existing Revenues Sources - Capital Projects Fund
9-19-13 Task Force Mtg Minutes

Download September 19, 2013 
9/5/2013Mtg Material-2008 Water System Master Plan
Mtg Material-Npt Ped-Bike Plan 7-2008
Mtg Material-SB Strmwtr Master Plan 2004
Mtg Material-TGM SB Peninsula Trans Refinement Plan
Mtg Material-Wastewater Facilities Plan 1996
9-5-13 Task Force Mtg Minutes
Mtg Materials City-Owned Properties Maps
Projects Under the TSP

Download September 5, 2013 
8/15/2013PowerPoint Presentation 8-15-13
8-15-13 Task Force Mtg Minutes

Download August 15, 2013 
7/31/20137-31-13 Task Force Mtg Minutes

Download July 31, 2013 

Infrastructure Task Force

Member Position First Appointed Current Term Begins Current Term Ends
David Allen
Ralph Busby
Patricia Patrick-Joling
Mark Saelens
Fred Springsteen

Infrastructure Task Force Meetings

Public notice of all City of Newport meetings will be made by posting on bulletin boards at the following locations:

  • City Hall, 169 SW Coast Highway
  • Newport Public Library, 35 NW Nye Street
  • Newport Recreation Center, 225 SE Avery Street