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Please use this directory listing to reach the Mayor, City Council, City Manager and other city staff. If you're not sure exactly who you need to reach, call 541.574.0603 for assistance, and a staff member will direct you to the right place.

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Mayor & Council
City Manager's Office
Community Development & Planning
Facilities & Parks Maintenance
Parks and Recreation
Public Works

City Directory

Mayor & Council  
Mayor & All Councilors City Council 541-574-0645
Mayor Dean Sawyer 541-574-0645
Councilor David Allen 541-574-0645
Councilor Beatriz Botello 541-574-0645
Councilor Dietmar Goebel 541-574-0645
Councilor CM Hall 541-574-0645
Councilor Cynthia Jacobi 541-574-0645
Councilor Ryan Parker 541-574-0645
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City Manager's Office  
City Manager Spencer Nebel 541-574-0601
City Attorney Steven Rich 541-574-0607
Executive Assistant Cheryl Atkinson 541-574-0603
City Recorder/Special Project Director Peggy Hawker 541-574-0613
Deputy City Recorder Gloria Tucker 541-574-0649
Senior Executive Assistant Melanie Nelson 541-574-0603
Human Resources Director Barbara James 541-574-0604
IT Director Richard Dutton 541-574-0620
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Airport Director Lance Vanderbeck 541-867-7422
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Community Development & Planning   
Planning Director Derrick Tokos 541-574-0626
Associate Planner Rachel Cotton 541-574-3341
Executive Assistant Sherri Marineau 541-574-0629
Building Official Joseph Lease 541-574-0627
Permit Technician Christina Chapin 541-574-0628
Building Inspector Trainee Sean Johnson 541-574-0619
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Facilities & Parks Maintenance  
Facilites Maintenance Supervisor John Johnston 541-574-3365
Park Maintenance Supervisor Jim Guenther 541-574-5878
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Finance Director Michael Murzynsky 541-574-0610
Assistant Finance Director Steve Baugher 541-574-0615
Accounting Technician/Cash/Court/Customer Service Dawn Smalley 541-574-0611
Accounting Technician Kay Keady 541-574-0621
Payroll Technician John DuBois 541-574-0612
Accounting Technician Richelle Burns 541-574-0617
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Fire Chief Robert Murphy 541-574-2659
Asst Chief/Fire Marshall Robert Harvey 541-574-2656
Fire Prevention Officer/Relief Engineer Mark Ragan 541-574-5456
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Regina Martinez 541-265-5332
Executive Assistant Catherine Stover 541-574-5879
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Library Director Laura Kimberly 541-574-0600
Supervising Librarian Sheryl Eldridge 541-574-5466
Supervising Librarian Stacy Johns 541-574-5463
Supervising Librarian Linda Annable 541-574-5465
Reference Reference 541-265-2153
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Parks and Recreation   
Interim Parks & Recreation Director Judy Mayhew 541-265-4858
Sports Program Supervisor Michael Cavanaugh 541-574-5453
Aquatic Supervisor Kathy Cline 541-574-5860
60+ Center Supervisor Peggy OCallaghan 541-574-5459
Assistant Aquatic Supervisor Keeley Naughton 541-265-4857
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Chief of Police Jason Malloy 541-574-3348
Lieutenant Brent Gainer 541-574-3348
Executive Assistant Ann McCandless 541-574-0631
Police Sergeant Tyson Haynes 541-574-3348
Police Sergeant Keith Garrett 541-574-3348
Police Sergeant Michael Leake 541-574-3348
Detective Mitch France 541-574-3348
Police Officer Andy Ashpole 541-574-3348
Police Officer Aaron Bales 541-574-3348
Police Officer Samuel Clark 541-574-3348
Police Officer Lance Cummings 541-574-3348
Police Officer Calvin Davis 541-574-3348
Police Officer Steve Hallmark 541-574-3348
Police Officer Jon Humphreys 541-574-3348
Police Officer Thomas Lekas 541-574-3348
Police Officer Kraig Mitchell 541-574-3348
Police Officer Hayden Randall 541-574-3348
Police Officer Shelby Smith 541-574-3348
Police Officer Vincent Boutwell 541-574-3348
Police Officer Carlos Gamboa 541-574-3348
Police Officer Andrew Becerra 541-574-3348
Community Service Officer Jovita Ballentine 541-265-4847
Community Service Officer James Folmar 541-574-3348
Police Records Clerk Joella Blomstrom 541-574-3356
Police Records Clerk Patricia Riley 541-574-3348
Police Records Clerk Renee McCaslin 541-574-3354
Parking Enforcement Officer Tony Garbarino 541-574-3348
Special Projects Kit OCarra 541-574-3348
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Public Works   
Public Works Director Tim Gross 541-574-3369
Assistant City Engineer Clare Paul 541-574-3370
Senior Project Manager Christopher Janigo 541-574-3376
Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor Andrew Grant 541-574-3371
Water Plant Supervisor Steve Stewart 541-265-7421
Operations Administrative Assistant Bob Fuller 541-574-5874
Administrative Assistant Lee Ann Prchal 541-574-3366
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