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Current Projects

Click here for more information about Newport Short-Term Rental Ordinance Amendments

Click here for more information about the OPRD Draft South Beach - Beverly Beach Management Plan

Click here to see the latest information about Newport's Park System Master Plan Update

Click here for more information about the Yaquina Bay Brownfields Initiative

View the Newport Parking Management Plan-Draft (3/9/18)

View the Newport Parking Management Plan Summary

For more information about the City of Newport's Parking Study Advisory Committee Click here

Planning Resources

NEW Online Zoning Map (base zoning only) - Click on polygons to see zoning information.

Overview of the City of Newport New Housing Tools that go into effect September 6, 2017

South Beach Bike Path Newport's Community Development Department is responsible for administration of the city’s land use planning and urban renewal programs, with an emphasis on providing clear, courteous, and consistent service to the Council, Planning Commission, and public.  This includes implementation of land use policies and laws and adopted economic development strategies.  Active citizen participation in all aspects of planning is encouraged.


The Department is also responsible for the development and administration of the city’s building program.  It is our goal to provide clear, courteous, and consistent service to the public on building code questions; update ordinances as needed to comply with state and city building codes; collect and update system development charges and related building fees in accordance with established policies; review construction plans for code compliance; and perform inspections for construction projects in a timely manner.

Community engagement meeting

Park System Master Plan Outreach at the Newport Farmers Market

Community engagement meeting

Community Engagement for the Vision 2040 project


View FEMA 2016 Preliminary FIRM Maps and Flood Insurance Study