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The Recreation and Aquatic Center will re-open on Friday January 22nd. The 60+ Activity Center will remain closed until further notice.

COVID-19 Reopening Update

The following Newport Parks & Recreation facilities are currently open in City of Newport's COVID-19 Reopening Plan:

    - All parks and all areas within each park (open immediately)

    - Recreation Center and Aquatic Center

    Please note: The 60+ Activity Center is closed until further notice regardless of risk level.


We ask the public to adhere to the Governor’s guidelines in utilizing these spaces:

    - Feeling Sick? Stay home

    - Remain 6 feet apart from anyone not in your household

    - Use areas at off-peak times

Newport Parks & Recreation is planning to reopen our parks, facilities, and programs under a Four-Phase Plan during the COVID-19 panademic. Using the State of Oregon COVID-19 Reopening Plan as a foundation for decision making, this plan reflects the recommendations of the Lincoln County Health Department, Oregon Health Authority, and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. This plan will be adapted or edited to respond to developing concerns related to the panademic and will be used to guide decision making, planning, and communication.

We thank the community for their patience and understanding as we progress through our reopening phases. Please remember our plans are fluid and may change at any time.