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City Administration

The City of Newport operates under the Council-Manager form of government. The City Manager is the administrative head of the city government, and is appointed by the Mayor and City Council.

Spencer Nebel

Spencer Nebel is the City Manager for the City of Newport. He assumed his duties with the city on December 16, 2013 having previously served as the City Manager of City of Sault Ste. Marie for many years. The City Manager is the administrative head of the city government, and reports to the City Council.

The City Charter charges the City Manager with, among other things:

  • Attending all City Council meetings unless excused by the Mayor or City Council;
  • Making reports and recommendations to the City Council about the needs of the city;
  • Administering and enforcing all city ordinances, resolutions, franchises, leases, contracts, other city decisions;
  • Appointing, supervising, and removing city employees;
  • Organizing city departments and administrative structure;
  • Preparing and administering the annual city budget;
  • Administering city property and utilities;
  • Encouraging and supporting regional and intergovernmental cooperation;
  • Promoting cooperation among the Council, staff, and citizens in developing citypolicies, and building a sense of community; and
  • Performing other duties as directed by Council.


City Hall Administration is located at 169, SW Coast Hwy, Newport, OR 97365