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Vision 2040 Advisory Committee

Vision 2040 Goals

Vision 2040 Advisory Committee

5 year terms

Member Position First Appointed Current Term Begins Current Term Ends
Luana BeesonParks and Recreation Committee Member2/20/20182/20/201812/31/2022
Wayne BelmontLincoln County Member2/20/20182/20/201812/31/2022
Jeff BertuleitAirport Committee2/13/20192/13/201912/31/2021
Beatriz BotelloCouncil Liaison1/7/20191/7/201912/31/2020
Ralph BreitensteinHealth Community Member5/5/20181/7/201912/31/2023
Rolla CleaverAt-Large2/20/20182/20/201812/31/2021
Rod CroteauPlanning Commission Member2/20/20182/20/201812/31/2020
Patti FerryGreater Newport Chamber of Commerce Member12/3/201812/4/201812/31/2023
Bri GoodwinAt-Large2/20/20182/20/201812/31/2020
Dr. Karen GraySchool District Member12/3/201812/3/201812/31/2023
CM HallCouncil Liaison Alternate1/7/20191/7/201912/31/2020
Stewart LamerdinPort of Newport Member12/3/201812/4/201812/31/2023
Marie Laper60+ Advisory Committee Member 4/1/20194/1/201912/31/2023
Margarita Macchia OsioVacancy2/20/20182/20/201812/31/2022
Leslie PalotasAt-Large2/20/20182/20/201812/31/2019
Bill PosnerPA Comm. Resigned 11/13/182/20/20182/20/201812/31/2019
Gil SylviaEducation Community Member2/20/20182/20/201812/31/2021
Matthew UpdenkelderAt-Large2/20/20181/7/201912/31/2023

Greater Newport Vision 2040 Advisory

Greater Newport Vision 2040 Advisory Page

Public notice of all City of Newport meetings will be made by posting on bulletin boards at the following locations:

  • City Hall, 169 SW Coast Highway
  • Newport Public Library, 35 NW Nye Street
  • Newport Recreation Center, 225 SE Avery Street