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Member Committees

Committee Position Date Elected Term Begins Term Expires
Audit Committee 1/4/20231/4/20231/4/2023
Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee Alternate Member7/19/20217/19/202112/31/2023
City Center Revitalization Planning Committee 1/5/20241/5/20241/5/2024
City Council Stipend/Compensation Work Group 1/19/20231/19/20231/19/2023
Homelessness Task Force Bayfront and Nye Beach business owners
Library Board 1/4/20231/4/202312/31/2026
Park System Master Plan Advisory Committee 5/21/20195/21/201812/31/2019
Parking Advisory Committee Nye Beach Representative2/8/20222/8/202212/31/2024
Planning Commission 4/1/20244/1/20244/1/2024
Police Advisory Committee Student
Vision 2040 Advisory Committee Standing Committee6/8/20216/8/202112/31/2024
Wayfinding Committee 2/13/20182/13/20182/13/2018