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Newport Municipal Airport

Located on the scenic Oregon Coast, Newport offers a large range of products and services to the aviation public. Please take a look around and see what we are able to offer for your flight. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Airport Business Development - November 2019

Hertz car rental
Hertz Rent-a-Car is now officially at the Newport Airport. Make your reservation online at www.hertz.com (location listed as South Beach, OR). Or call the FBO or the Hertz office in Corvallis (541.758.4101).

Would you like to volunteer at the Airport? Please complete the form below.

Volunteer Application Form

Areas of interest include:

  • Reception - customer service
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Building Maintenance
  • Office Maintenance

2018 Tree Removal Project

For information concerning the 2018 Tree Removal Project please see below

2018 Tree Removal Action Plan

AGIS Survey Maps

Update 7-10-18

2012 Economic Study Newport_Municipal 1-24-14.pdf

2018 Tree Removal Presentation #1 11-2-17.pdf

2018 Tree Removal Presentation #2 6-7-18.pdf


ExecutiveSummary_Draft ODA review_20180529.pdf

OAP Ch 9 Resiliency 2018-04-16.pdf

Q & A Attachment #1 4-18-18.pdf

Q & A Attachment #2 7-9-18.pdf

Salus-Newport Airport Resilience Assessment-DRAFT-Agency Review.pdf

Oregon Aviation Plan Airport System Resilience study

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