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Frequently Asked Questions

Community Development


  • When do I need a Building Permit?

    When you build a new building or do work on an existing building, a Building Permit is usually needed. There are some exceptions such as:
    a. The changes you are making are not structural (e.g., siding, shingles, paint);
    b. Construction of a non-habitable, stand-alone structure not exceeding 200 square feet in area and 10 feet in height;
    c. Construction of side and rear yard fences that are 7 feet or less, or a front yard fence of 3 feet or less;
    d. Construction of a retaining wall not exceeding 4 feet in height.
    Although there may be other exceptions, it is best to assume that a building permit will be needed and contact the Community Development Department if you have any questions.

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  • What is required to get a Building Permit?

    Commercial and Residential Building Permit applications are available on line or at the Community Development Department (CDD) counter at City Hall. Remember that any building permit may be subject to System Development Charges (SDCs), Lincoln County School District Excise Tax, and Newport Affordable Housing Construction Excise Tax. The cost of the permit and all fees are due and payable at the time the permit is issued.

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  • Do I need a Demolition Permit?

    Demolition of buildings and other structures will generally require a Demolition Permit. There is no application for this permit- just come to the Community Development Department at City Hall to pick up the permit. Permit fees are $100 residential/small structure or $250 per large commercial structure (over 4,000 sq. ft.).

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  • When do I need an Electrical Permit?

    Almost any work beyond basic maintenance (e.g., replacing a switch plate, changing a light bulb) will require an Electrical Permit. Seperate forms are available for and Residential Electrical Permits. Although an individual can take out a permit to do electrical work in their own home, this work is generally done by a licensed contractor.

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  • When do I need a Land Use Permit?

    A Land Use Permit is needed for almost any use of an individual’s property that may involve variations from established ordinances, or may have the potential to in some manner affect public health, safety, convenience, or general welfare. Examples of land use permits include: property line adjustments, land partitions, minor replats, subdivisions, and planned developments; variances, conditional uses, and temporary uses; interpretations of an ordinance or appeals of a decision; design review, geologic permits, and shore land impact permits; amendments to the Comprehensive Plan or Map, the Zoning Ordinance or Map, or the Urban Growth Boundary; and annexations or street vacations. Although the list just presented is fairly comprehensive, it is not all inclusive, so please don’t hesitate to contact the Community Development Department with any land use questions you may have.

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