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Frequently Asked Questions

Finance Department


  • How do I get a Liquor License?

    The Newport City Council reviews most liquor licensing requests and makes a recommendation to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). City Council review may take up to eight weeks. Liquor license applications must be made on forms provided by the OLCC, and can be obtained at the local OLCC office located at 715 SW Fall Street in Newport. The Newport OLCC office has limited hours, so it is advisable to contact the office at 541.265.4522 to determine open hours.

    The City Council established fees for liquor license applications, changes, renewals, and temporary licenses. The current city fees are:

    New applications$100
    Change of Ownership$ 75
    Change of Location$ 75
    Change of Privilege$ 75
    Renewal$ 35
    Temporary License$ 25

    These are city fees and are in addition to any fees charged by the OLCC. Further information may be found here.

    For additional information on processing city liquor requests, contact the city recorder at 541.574.0613 or Erik Glover.

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  • What is a Special Event And do I need a permit?

    A special event is any private activity conducted wholly or partly on public property that requires the use of city services, such as closure of a street or park, or provision of traffic control, use of city property, or other services. Special event includes, but is not limited to, a parade, festival, exposition, show, sale, party, or other similar activity. Special event also includes events on private or other public property for which the city provides additional services.

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  • What is a fee waiver and how are fees determined?

    A fee waiver is a waiver of city fees for providing a service or facility use. Special event permit fees are based on the actual costs of the city providing the service requested, and may include personnel, benefit costs, equipment costs, and published room rental rates. Applicants may request a full or partial fee waiver of special event permit fees. A request for a fee waiver must be submitted with a special event permit application. The city may, in its discretion, approve all, part, or none of a requested fee waiver. Unless waived, all fees required for the special event must be paid prior to the issuance of a permit. In no event, will the fee waiver be more than the city’s cost of providing service to the event.

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  • What criteria are considered for Special Event fee waiver requests?

    The city will consider the following when reviewing a special event fee waiver request:

    • 1. Whether the event is a benefit to the community.
    • 2. Whether the event creates positive publicity for the city.
    • 3. The city’s cost of providing services for/to the event.
    • 4. Whether there are revenues that can be used to offset the impact of a fee waiver on the general fund.
    • 5. Whether the event promotes education, public health, or public safety.
    • 6. Whether the event is operated by a non-profit organization.
    • 7. Whether the event has in the past, or is likely in the future, to take action that, if taken by a governmental entity, would be unconstitutional. The city will not provide a fee waiver for any special event or entity that takes action in regard to the special event that, if taken by the city, would be unconstitutional.

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  • How do I apply for a Special event permit and/or Fee waiver?

    Anyone who wishes to conduct a special event must submit an application form to the city recorder. Special event application forms are available by clicking here. Special event permit applications shall be reviewed and approved or denied administratively by the city manager following the procedures and standards of Chapter 9.80 of the Newport Municipal Code, unless the amount of the requested fee waiver is in excess of $2,000, in which case, the application shall be forwarded to the City Council for action.

    Applications will be deemed incomplete, and will be denied, if details about the special event are insufficient for staff to properly analyze and determine the impacts on city services, or if submitted with insufficient time to allow for city staff to evaluate the impacts and coordinate any city services required to allow the event to proceed. If the fee waiver is denied, and time permits, the applicant may correct the reasons for denial and resubmit the application.

    Temporary structures may be erected in conjunction with a special event provided a temporary structure agreement is approved, and the following provisions are met:

    • 1. The time limit for such structures is no longer than 30 days prior to and five days after the special event.
    • 2. Permission for the structure is granted by the property owner.
    • 3. A city business license is obtained.
    • 4. The person or persons responsible for the temporary structure shall appropriately maintain the grounds and provide trash receptacles.
    • 5. Sanitary facilities are made available to the site during the special event.
    • 6. The structure does not interfere with the provision of parking for the permanent use on the site, or a traffic management plan is provided that is acceptable to the city.
    • 7. The structure satisfies the vision clearance requirements of the Newport Zoning Code.
    • 8. Written approval for the temporary structure is obtained from the city’s Community Development Department.
    • 9. The person or persons responsible for the temporary structure have signed the city agreement relating to the temporary structure.

    Applications must include evidence of compliance with any required permits from other governmental agencies (e.g. health department, liquor license, etc.), as may be requested by the city.

    Special event organizers may be required to maintain liability insurance for the event in an amount deemed acceptable by the city manager, with the city named as an additional insured.

    Recipients of tourism promotion grants are ineligible for special event fee waivers.

    If the special event application is approved and no fee waiver has been approved, the applicant will remit the appropriate fees to the city recorder.

    Approved special event permits are valid only on the dates and times specified in the application.

    Any event that is staged without complying with Chapter 9.80 of the Newport Municipal Code is subject to closure by the police department.

    The city may revoke a permit if it is determined that the event is being operated in violation of Chapter 9.80 of the Newport Municipal Code.

    The city may revoke a special event permit and/or apply a fine of up to $500 daily if it determines that an applicant has violated the provisions of Chapter 9.80 of the Newport Municipal Code.

    The Newport Municipal Code can be found here.

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  • What is a Tourism Marketing Grant and how do I apply for one?

    The City Council identifies annual funding to be awarded as tourism marketing grants. The purpose of the grant program is to promote tourism and increase stays in lodging establishments within the city limits of Newport. Funding for events/activities scheduled for the off and/or shoulder seasons, September 15 through June 15 will be given priority. Funding may not be provided for well established events/activities, although funding may be provided for expansion or changes of existing events if the city determines the changes will increase tourism.

    Applications for grant funds must be submitted two months prior to an event to allow sufficient time for review by the Destination Newport Committee and the City Council at their regularly scheduled meetings.

    The regular Destination Newport Committee meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month. Applications will be reviewed by the Destination Newport Committee and forwarded to the City Council with a recommendation for approval or denial. Applications must be submitted to the City Manager’s Office.

    The city reserves the right to grant all or a portion of a request, deny a request, or recommend no award regardless of availability of funds.

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  • Solid Waste Code - Who can haul construction waste?

    All commercial contractors performing work in the city must obtain a dumpster from the city’s solid waste franchisee, Thompson’s Sanitary Service for removal of construction debris. The city’s franchise ordinance and agreement prohibits contractors from hauling debris from a work site. Homeowners performing work on personal property are allowed to haul construction debris to the landfill.

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