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Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

From the City Manager

On Saturday, February 29, the first reports of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) occurred in Oregon. Since that time, the number of cases has grown significantly with Lincoln County being impacted, as well. The State of Oregon and federal government have declared emergencies to take actions to contain COVID-19. The City of Newport also initiated the Declaration of Emergency on March 13, which was confirmed by the City Council March 16. This enables the City to take timely and appropriate steps to address the local response to COVID-19. The City of Newport has been working closely with Lincoln County and the other government jurisdictions in Lincoln County to coordinate these responses. While we cannot predict how significantly Newport will be impacted by this health threat and the related fiscal impacts, it is important that all of us take precautions to protect ourselves from possible infection and continue to observe social distancing when activities require us to leave our homes. COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the services provided by the City. It is our hope that these services can be resumed as quickly as possible once the pandemic allows. We have provided information relating to the City’s response to the emergency. Below is a timetable of actions to date taken by the City for your information.

Timetable of Actions - 3-27-20

Oregon Health Authority

Lincoln County Health and Human Services

Emergency Declarations

Temporary Declaration of Emergency

Formalization of Temporary Declaration of Emergency

City of Newport – Emergency Order No. 2020-00A

City of Newport – Emergency Order No. 2020-00B

City of Newport – Emergency Order No. 2020-00C

City of Newport – Emergency Order No. 2020-01

City of Newport – Emergency Order No. 2020-02

City of Newport – Emergency Order No. 2020-03

City of Newport – Emergency Order No. 2020-04

City of Newport – Emergency Order No. 2020-05

City of Newport – Emergency Order No. 2020-06

Press Releases

3-24-20Emergency Order No.2020-01
3-23-20Limited Access to Newport Airport FBO
3-20-20Update on Facility Closures and Limited Access
3-19-20Limiting Access to the Newport City Hall
3-17-20Water Shut-offs Waived
3-17-20Fire Stations closed to visitors
3-16-20March 23rd, 2020 Planning Commission Meeting Cancelled
3-16-20Do Not Flush! - What to flush and what not to flush
3-13-20Closure of Library, Recreation Center, Aquatic Center and 60+ Activity Center
3-12-20Impact of Covid-19 on City Buildings and Programs

Oregon State Police Emergency Declaration Enforcement - Frequently Asked Questions 3-24-20

Closure Information

Due to the Governor's Orders of 3/12/20 regarding Coronavirus, the following City buildings are all closed to the Public until 4/28/20 or until further notice.

Recreation Center

Aquatic Center

60+ Activity Center


Municipal Court

Municipal Court is cancelled until April 29, 2020.

If you have a scheduled court date that falls before April 29th, 2020 you will receive a letter rescheduling your court appearance.

You can reach the Municipal Court Clerk at 541.574.0616