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Planning Applications and Checklists

*Notice of Increase to the Land Use Fee Schedule:

A new Land Use Fee Schedule will be effective July 1,2021:

-2021-2022 Land Use Fee Schedule

Land Use Application Submittal Requirement Checklists:
-Land Use Application form

-Land Use Action Types and Decision Making Procedures


Adjustments (Type I - Staff) Encroachment Permit Shoreland Impact Review
Adjustments (Signs) (Type I - Staff) Interpretation Subdivision Tentative Plan
Adjustments (Type III - PC) Minor Replat Tentative Plan Subdivision Final Plat
Adjustments (Signs) (Type III - PC) Minor Replat Final Plan

Temporary Structures Permit

- Temporary Structures Permit Agreement

Annexations - Rezone

MUPTE Checklist

MUPTE Application

MUPTE App. Appendix

Vacation (street/plat)

- Consent - Abutting Properties

- Consent - Affected Properties

Appeal Nonconforming Use Permit Variance (Type III - PC)
Beach & Dune Area Site Review Partition Tentative Plan Variance (Sign) (Type III - PC)
Comp. Plan Map/Text Amendment Partition Final Plan Zoning Ordinance Map/Text Amendment
Conditional Use Permit (Type II - Staff) Planned Unit Development Preliminary Plan

Geologic Hazards Permit

- Report Guidelines - new oceanfront developments

- Guidelines for preparing Geologic Reports

- Exemption to Geologic Permit Requirements

Conditional Use Permit (Type III - PC) Planned Unit Development Final Plan Urban Growth Boundary Amendment

Design Review

- Design Review and Guidelines

- Design Review Glossary and Illustrations

Property Line Adjustment Traffic Impact Analysis

Short-Term Rentals, Bed & Breakfasts, and Home Shares

-NEW Short-Term Rental, Bed & Breakfast, and Home Share Application Packet*

*Contact the Community Development Dept before application submittal for confirmation that the STR is eligible to submit an application.

-RENEWAL Application Packet for Licensed Short-Term Rental, Bed & Breakfast, and Home Share

Good Neighbor Guidelines