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Online Payments

The City of Newport partners with WaterSmart® for Utility Payments. The City partners also with Invoice Cloud for all other online payments.

Click below to make a payment online

Or make a payment by phone - (855) 939-2074

WaterSmart® is a water usage program. This free online service is part of our commitment to provide you with the best tools to understand and manage your water use, avoid costly water leaks and potential water damage, and make sure you get the most value from every drop of water you use on your property. With WaterSmart® you can:

  • View your daily and historical water use
  • Check for unusual or excessive water use which could indicate a leak and use the Leak Resolution Process to help pinpoint the source and fix your leak.
  • Sign up for water use notifications
  • View and pay your Utility Bill, and see your balance and bill history
  • Add users to your account (e.g., renter, family member, etc.)
  • Adjust your communications settings (the default is email but you can choose to receive text or voice notifications)
  • Explore water conservation techniques and seasonal offers and incentives

Customers that register for Watersmart® will automatically receive an alert by email if the water meter registers suspicious or unusual water use that could indicate a leak in your system. You can also sign up for daily use, billing, and vacation alerts on the "Settings" page.

Registration for this free service is simple! You will be prompted to enter your email address and create a password. If you need assistance, please contact us at 541-574-0617 or by email to UtilityBilling@NewportOregon.gov

You can pay you bill online without registering. Click the image marked "I want to...Pay my bill"

Pay bill without registering