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Capital Projects

Newport Public Works has multiple projects under way at any one time. Major projects are shown below along with key information. Project status will be updated periodically. Questions? Contact the individual listed or call Public Works at 541.574.3366

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Project Budget
40th Street Pump Station Building Upgrade $30,000
60+ Center Reception Area Re-model $97,000
Agate Beach Wastewater Improvements $8,906,800
AIP 25 Airport Storm Drainage Pipe Rehab $84,000
Airport Storage Building & Quonset Hut $40,000
AMI Water Metering System $248,000
Betty Wheeler Park Drainage $37,000
Big Creek bridge Abutment Repairs $47,000
Big Creek Dam 1 and 2 $5,988,000
Card Read/Touch Pad System for Water Pump Stations $30,000
City Hall Campus Generator $100,000
City Hall Seismic Structural Assessment $0
Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) $43,000
Deco District Park $112,000
FBO Hanger Doors and T-& T-Hanger Weather Stripping $117,069
Ferry Slip Utility Line Under-grounding $1,790,000
Fiber Installation at NE 71st Street PS and Tank $39,172
Fuel Farm Replacement and Sesmic Update $377,500
Golf Course Drive and HWY 101 Water Line Upgrades $720,000
Hatfield Drive Storm Sewer Replacement $1,470,000
Main Fire Station Diesel Exhaust Extraction System $75,000
Main Tanks Replacement $307,000
Metal Roof on Siletz PS $100,000
NE 54th St. PS Replacement $1,390,000
Northside Pump Station Improvements $195,000
Nye Beach Stormwater Improvements $800,000
Pave Parking Lot at WTP $60,000
Police Facility Carpet $18,000
Recreation Center HVAC Control System $65,000
Roof Replacement at South Beach Fire Station $40,000
Sam Moore Parkway Water Quality Improvements $620,000
Sanitary Sewer Rehab & Replacement Project $354,000
SE 35th and HWY 101 Signialization Improvements $4,100,000
Security Fence for Main Fire Station $32,000
Siletz Water Quality Study $60,000
Solids Serpentix Belt Conveyance Replacement $200,000
Storm Sewer Realignment NE Avery between NE 3rd and 4th $300,000
Street Overlays and Improvements $700,000
SW 9th Sidewalk Improvements - Angle to Hurbert Street $30,000
SW Harbor Dr Sidewalk Improvements $760,000
SW Neff Way Sanitary Sewer Extension & Improvements $250,000
VAC Fire Panel Replacement $7,500
VAC Runyon Gallery Walls Refurbish $20,000
VAC Two Exterior Doors $7,500
Water Distribution System Flushing Plan $40,000
Water Treatment Plant Emergency Generator $264,000
Wessel Creek Bridge $60,000
WTP Emergency Generator $520,000
WTP HVAC Repair $37,000
WTP Storage Building $100,000
WWTP Automatic Gate $20,000
WWTP HVAC Replacement $50,000
Yaquina Heights Tank $293,000