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What is a hotspot?

A hotspot is a device that uses cellular data to provide wireless Internet access. It is portable and will work anywhere there is cellular coverage. Newport Public Library hotspots will allow up to five WiFi-enabled devices to connect. Use them for email, surfing the web, downloading eBooks, streaming video, or any other function for which you would normally use WiFi or cellular data. Use of the NPL hotspots is subject to the Guidelines for Internet Use in the Policy Manual.


Will it work at my house?

If you have cell phone coverage at your house, you should be able to use our hotspots. Data is provided through the Sprint cellular network. Our hotspots may not work in all locations.

How long can I keep the hotspot?

Hotspots check out for two weeks. They cannot be renewed, and the cellular service will end after that time. However, you can place a hold to be in line for the next available hotspot.

Are there late fees associated with hotspots?

No. NPL does not charge late fees. However, if the hotspot is not returned on time, the cost of the hotspot will be billed to your account. This charge will be waived as soon as the hotspot is returned in working order, in its case, with all pieces included. Data will be turned off on overdue hotspots, making it useless for Internet access until it is returned.

Who can check out a hotspot?

Hotspots must be checked out by an adult with a Newport full-privilege card in good standing. Only one hotspot may be borrowed per household at a time, due to the limited number available.

How do I use a hotspot?

  1. Power up the device by pressing and holding the power button until the screen lights up.

    ***If the screen does not light up, plug in the device and let it charge until the light turns green, then try again.

  2. A WiFi network with the name of the device as it is written on the label will be among your available WiFi networks. The name is the last name of an author. (Example: CRICHTON)
  3. Select this as your wireless network. You will be asked for a password. Enter the last name plus the four-digit year of their birth next to their name. (Example: CRICHTON1942)
  4. You’re all set! You can now surf the Internet and work online.

Questions? Please call Newport Public Library at 541-265-2153


The hotspot does not light up when I hold the power button:

Charge the hotspot using the charger included in the pouch. Each full charge allows for 6.4 hrs of continuous use. Track the hotspot's charge using the battery icon on the front of the device.

I cannot find the hotspot's network on my device:

Make sure the hotspot is turned on and the icons are illuminated.

***If you are using an Apple device (iPhone or iPad), you may need to toggle your hotspot setting from "Ask to Join" to "Automatic". This can be changed on the Wi-Fi settings menu.