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Look, it's raining / Mathieu Pierloot ; illustrated by Maria Dek.
cover imageWhen Camille goes outside on a rainy Sunday afternoon to explore her garden, she discovers that the bugs and other creatures are going to a show--and she is invited.

Prairie days / written by Patricia MacLachlan ; illustrated by Micha Archer.
cover imageDescribes summer days growing up on the prairie.

Wherever I go / Mary Wagley Copp ; illustrated by Munir D. Mohammed.
cover image"A hopeful and timely picture book about a spirited little girl living in a refugee camp. Of all her friends, Abia has been at the Shimelba Refugee Camp the longest--seven years, four months, and sixteen days. Papa says that's too long and they need a forever home. Until then, though, Abia has something important to do. Be a queen. Sometimes she's a noisy queen, banging on her drum as she and Mama wait in the long line for rice to cook for dinner. Sometimes she's a quiet queen, cuddling her baby cousin to sleep while Auntie is away collecting firewood. And sometimes, when Papa talks hopefully of their future, forever home, Abia is a little nervous. Forever homes are in strange and faraway places--will she still be a queen? Filled with hope, love, and respect, Wherever I Go is a timely tribute to the strength and courage of refugees around the world."--Provided by publisher.

Girl versus squirrel / written by Hayley Barrett ; illustrated by Renée Andriani.
cover image"A resourceful girl named Pearl matches wits with an intrepid squirrel in a rollicking tale of teacups, peanuts, and the satisfying surprise of learning something new"-- Provided by publisher. Includes facts about squirrels.

The tinaja tonight / Aimée Bissonette ; illustrated by Syd Weiler.
cover image"Dry. Dusty. Hot. Suddenly, the water comes. Jackals, coyotes, mountain lions - they all come to the watering hole, the tinaja. Some are predators, others are prey. How do they survive?"-- Provided by publisher.

No ordinary jacket / Sue-Ellen Pashley ; illustrated by Thea Baker.
cover imageAmelia wears her favorite jacket everywhere. She wears it to preschool. And to Auntie Kath's house. And to the park. Even to bed! But one day, she can't fit into anymore. Perhaps she should give it to her little sister, Lilly. And so that way, the jacket will live on.

The farm that Mac built / words by Tammi Sauer ; pictures by Jackie Urbanovic.
cover imageThe scarecrow from Old MacDonald's farm narrates an Animal Theater production of "The House that Jack Built," but animals that do not belong on a farm keep upstaging him.

Saturdays are for Stella / Candy Wellins ; illustrated by Charlie Eve Ryan.
cover imageGeorge loves spending Saturdays with his grandmother, Stella. One day, Stella is gone and George is ready to cancel Saturdays--until a new addition to the family arrives and George finds a way to honor the memories of his beloved grandmother.

The blue house / by Phoebe Wahl.
cover imageBoth Leo and his father are angry and sad when their landlord says their old house will be torn down, but soon they find a way to make their new house feel like home.

Every little letter / by Deborah Underwood ; illustrated by Joy Hwang Ruiz.
cover imageIn a world where all the letters of the alphabet live in separate cities surrounded by walls, little h and small i's newfound friendship inspires all the divided communities to connect and form such words as courage, cooperate, and kindness.

The invisible bear / Cécile Metzger.
cover image"A simple act of kindness brings two unlikely friends together in this profound picture book about the transformative power of friendship. A bear sits in his quiet, colorless home in a forgotten place. He feels invisible; no one comes to see him, and he spends his days alone. Then someone moves in next door. Madame Odette is sound and sunshine, and at first, the bear isn't sure about this colorful new neighbor. But through an act of kindness, the bear and the Madame Odette meet, and as time goes by, they become friends. And in the end, they are both forever changed by the gifts they bring each other. The first book from author-illustrator Cécile Metzger, The Invisible Bear is a powerful and beautiful meditation on the beauty of friendship and how two people can save each other just by being themselves."-- Provided by publisher.

Mütter Museum : a junior guide's tour of the worlds coolest medical museum / written by Anna Dhody ; illustrated by Ted Enik and R. A. Herrera.
cover imageJoin A.J., the Mütter Museum's junior guide, on a tour of the world's best-known medical museum. A.J. will take you on a fun and educational adventure through the Mütter's amazing collection of unique medical specimens and objects. Accompanied by playful illustrations, this look at medical marvels and mysteries will enthrall and inform science lovers of all ages. A.J. has all of your questions covered; from the height of the Giant to the length of the Megacolon. Learn all about how the human body works (or doesn't!), and keep your eyes peeled for some of the museum's most famous see-through residents!

Dinosaur lady : the daring discoveries of Mary Anning, the first paleontologist / words by Linda Skeers ; pictures by Marta Álvarez Miguéns.
cover image"As a kid, Mary Anning loved hunting for fossils with her father. One day, that hobby led to an unexpected discovery: the skeleton of a creature no one had never seen before! Mary had unearthed a dinosaur fossil, the first to ever be discovered. Her find reshaped scientific beliefs about the natural world and led to the beginning of a brand new field of study: paleontology. For the rest of her life, Mary continued to make astonishing finds and her fossils are displayed in museums all across the world! The daring discoveries of Mary Anning not only changed the scientific world, but also helped change people's attitudes towards women scientists. Dinosaur Lady is a beautiful and brilliant picture book that will enlighten children about the discovery of the dinosaurs and the importance of women scientists."-- Provided by publisher.

Bears and boos / Shirley Parenteau ; illustrated by David Walker
cover imageIt's Halloween and Big Brown Bear and the four little bears are very excited. But will there be enough costumes for everyone?

Sandy feet! whose feet? : footprints at the shore / written by Susan Wood ; illustrated by Steliyana Doneva.
cover image"When a family spends a day at the beach, the children investigate various footprints to see what type of creatures live along the shoreline. Rhyming text turns a sandy beach into an outdoor classroom. The tracks and habits of local wildlife, including hopping sandpipers, scuttling crabs, and burrowing turtles, are identified and explained for young ecology detectives. Even Daddy's feet make an appearance! And at day's end, it's time for tired feet to make their way home. STEM-based back matter includes information on how clues like footprints can identify the type of wildlife inhabiting any given habitat." -- Publisher annotation.

Oak leaf / John Sandford.
cover imageA lone autumn leaf falls and flies away on a breeze. It travels up and over the world and down again—where it finally lands on the page of a little girl’s open book and becomes a keepsake.

Lloyd finds his whalesong / Skylaar Amann.
cover imageLloyd can't sing. The rhythm of the whalesong guides the whales through danger and connects them to each other. But Lloyd is too quiet to join in. If he can't sing, how can he be a part of the pod? Then one day he finds a magical, mysterious object with supersonic seaweed strings! This could be his chance to be part of the song. He practices and practices, nervously preparing to show the other whales. But before he can perform for them, a disruptive, noisy boat approaches and scatters the pod. Lloyd's powerful new instrument may be the only thing that can reunite them--if he can find the courage to share his unique song. This inspiring and whimsical tale about celebrating your differences and finding your voice is complemented by bright and endearing illustrations that sparkle with quiet magic.

All welcome here / by James Preller ; illustrated by Mary GrandPré.
cover imageA picture book collection of haiku poems celebrates the first day of school and all of its excitement, challenges, and anxieties, while multimedia paintings and collages by the Caldecott Honor-winning illustrator of The Noisy Paintbox depict diverse characters navigating relatable first day experiences.

She wanted to be haunted / Marcus Ewert ; illustrated by Susie Ghahremani.
cover imageClarisa, an adorable pink cottage, wants nothing more than to be haunted, but her attempts only make her cuter until she tries being herself and is pleasantly surprised.

Holiday! / [written and illustrated by] Natalie Nelson.
cover image"Early one morning, a strange visitor arrives -- a visitor whose name is Holiday. "I'll be taking over for you today!" Holiday tells Monday. And before long, Holiday has met the other days, even Saturday and Sunday, who usually sleep all week. With each introduction, Monday becomes more and more upset. She is used to starting the week, and she'd like to keep it that way. When Holiday announces how much fun he's having, and that he'd like to stay, Wednesday and Friday admit that they are a little worried, too. Meanwhile, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday are completely smitten by this exciting new day. Finally, Monday (with Wednesday and Friday in tow), asks Holiday to kindly pack his things and go. Then just in time, Tuesday comes up with a solution that will work for everyone. Natalie Nelson's ingenious characterizations of the days of the week will delight readers young and old, as will her story that pokes fun at how set in our ways we can be and how we might instead choose to be open to change and embrace the unexpected."-- Provided by publisher.

My dad! / Steve Smallman ; [illustrations by] Sean Julian.
cover imageEveryone's dad is great at something and Little Bear decides that, when he is big, he wants to be just like his dad.

Colors / Shelley Rotner and Anne Woodhull ; photographs by Shelley Rotner.
cover image"A red fire truck races, orange pumpkins glow, and purple flowers bloom in vivid pictures of familiar things that inspire children to look more carefully at their environment."-- www.holidayhouse.com

Teach your dragon about diversity / Steve Herman.
cover imageWhat if your dragon is sad because he is DIFFERENT from his friends? You teach him about DIVERSITY!

Tyler makes pancakes! / written by Tyler Florence ; illustrated by Craig Frazier.
cover imageTyler wakes up eager to make pancakes for his family, but first he and his dog go to the market, where Mr. Jones tells them about the ingredients and where they come from. Includes a recipe for blueberry pancakes and facts about some of the foods mentioned.

Nile crossing / written by Katy Beebe ; illustrated by Sally Wern Comport.
cover image"Khepri lives in ancient Egypt, happily fishing alongside his father in the waters of the Nile. but today Khepri is replacing his fishing pole with the reed pens of a scribe--a change he's a bit uneasy about. As he and his father travel to Thebes, Khepri must face his anxieties about starting school."--Page 2 of cover.

When no one is watching / written by Eileen Spinelli ; illustrated by David A. Johnson.
cover imageWhen alone, a young girl enjoys dancing, singing, growling, and cheering but when anyone other than her best friend is watching, she is quiet and shy.

Lester's dreadful sweaters / written and illustrated by K.G. Campbell.
cover imageWhen Lester's mysterious cousin Clara comes to stay with his family she insists on knitting him ugly sweaters and Lester must figure out how to accept the unwanted gifts without hurting his cousin's feelings.

Gustavo, the shy ghost / Flavia Z. Drago.
cover imageGustavo is good at doing all sorts of ghostly things: walking through walls, making objects fly, and glowing in the dark. And he loves almost nothing more than playing beautiful music on his violin. But Gustavo is shy, and some things are harder for him to do, like getting in a line to buy eye scream or making friends with other monsters. Whenever he tries getting close to them, he realizes they just can't see him. Now that the Day of the Dead is fast approaching, what can he do to make them notice him and to share with them something he loves?

What will I be? / Nicola Davies ; illustrated by Marc Boutavant.
cover imageA small papery bundle hangs under a leaf by a silken thread. Can you guess what it will be one day? Butterflies, polar bears, turtles, frogs, birds - they all have a fascinating life journey to follow. Peek under each large flap and look at colorful spreads to find out how each animal develops. A final spread invites readers to match each full grown creature with its beginning stage.

Tiny T. Rex and the very dark dark / by Jonathan Stutzman ; illustrated by Jay Fleck.
cover imageTiny T. Rex and his friend Pointy are planning a campout in the backyard, but they are both worried that the dark will be altogether too dark, so they plan on bringing a night light with them--but when the night light does not work they bravely open their eyes and discover the stars above.

Cowpoke Clyde rides the range / Lori Mortensen ; illustrated by Michael Allen Austin.
cover image"Learning to ride a bike sure isn't easy--but Cowpoke Clyde sticks with it until he's riding like a pro! Good thing he's got his trusty friend Dawg to look out for him"-- Provided by publisher.

K is for kindergarten / written by Erin Dealey ; illustrated by Joseph Cowman.
cover image"Here comes kindergarten! A new classroom is exciting -- and also a little scary. Whether your little readers are gearing up for the first day or making their way through the school year, K is for Kindergarten will guide them through all the new experiences, from new teachers and friends to new rules. Silly rhymes and fun activities from A to Z help your kinder kid have the best year ever."--Jacket.

D is for dump truck : a construction alphabet / written by Michael Shoulders and illustrated by Kent Culotta.
cover image"Construction equipment is a favorite of little readers and D is for Dump Truck takes children on an A to Z exploration of a backyard construction site. With bouncy poems for each letter and a glossary in the back, this book brings the thrill of construction up close and personal"-- Provided by publisher.

Balletball / Erin Dionne ; illustrated by Gillian Flint.
cover imageNina loves ballet, not sports, so when her mother signs her up to play baseball she sulks until the coach explains how baseball and ballet can go together--and when a timely plié in the outfield saves the game she realizes that "balletball" is really not so bad after all.

S is for Sea Glass : a Beach Alphabet / written by Richard Michelson and Illustrated by Doris Ettlinger.
cover image"Following the alphabet and using a variety of poetry forms such as free verse, haiku, and ode, elements of the beach and seaside life are celebrated"-- Provided by publisher.

Where are my chicks? / by Sally Grindley ; pictures by Jill Newton.
cover imageThe farm yard animals help Mother Hen find her lost chicks.

Where's Waldo? : the totally essential travel collection / Martin Handford.
cover imageCollects some of Waldo's adventures as Waldo seekers are challenged to find Waldo and his friends in several different places and periods.

We will rock our classmates / Ryan T. Higgins.
cover imagePenelope the T. Rex was born to be a rock star. But playing her heart out is hard when her friends only see her as a dinosaur!

The ocean disaster / Matthew McElligott.
cover image"Fans of Ada Twist, Scientist will want to join Dr. Cosmic's class of clever monsters as they explore the dark depths of the ocean in the fourth book of the Mad Scientist Academy series. The students in Dr. Cosmic's class take their lessons underwater when they're introduced to his latest invention, the SKWID--a special submarine that explores the ocean and looks like a real giant squid! With the guidance of oceanographer Professor Fathom, the class embarks on an exploration of the deep sea. Their next assignment? Identify the smallest producers and consumers of the ocean. But when a giant whale approaches the SKWID, mistaking it for an actual squid, the students must use their trusted scientific handbooks to find a way to escape the submarine and return to the undersea lab--before they become the whale's lunch! Don't miss more from the Mad Scientist Academy series!--The Dinosaur Disaster, The Weather Disaster, and The Space Disaster. "Dr. Cosmic is plainly a colleague of Ms. Frizzle [of The Magic School Bus], and the mix of pithy banter, tumultuous field-trip mishaps, and science fact is as familiar as it is winning. Fans of the Frizz will be dino-delighted. Mad fun." --Kirkus Reviews, starred review of Mad Scientist Academy: The Dinosaur Disaster"-- Provided by publisher.

Dinosaur feathers / Dennis Nolan.
cover image"A rhyming, nonfiction picture book about how dinosaurs evolved into birds"-- Provided by publisher.

Linus the little yellow pencil / Scott Magoon.
cover imageLinus hopes to win the family art show but his eraser, Ernie, obliterates his work, his self-confidence, and his joy until a word from Smudge inspires Linus to try again.

Piranhas don't eat bananas / Aaron Blabey.
cover imageTold in rhyming text, Brian tries to get his fellow piranhas to try his fruit and vegetable platter, but they all prefer meat--like those human feet dangling in the water.

The happy book / Andy Rash.
cover image"Best friends Camper and Clam work through their feelings"-- Provided by publisher.

This is not that kind of book / written by Christopher Healy ; illustrated by Ben Mantle.
cover image"This clever alphabet book... Wait, that's not right. This original fairy tale... Nope. Mystery? Joke book? Superhero story? Pirate adventure? This delightful mash-up features every kind of character found in the picture-book universe--all in one book. Just when the reader is convinced the story is going in one direction, it spins off in another."--Amazon.

Seashells : more than a home / Melissa Stewart ; illustrated by Sarah S. Brannen.
cover image"This book sheds a surprising light on how seashells--the hard, protective outer layer that mollusks inhabit--serve tremendous purpose. This large group of marine animals needs shells for protection, feeding, transportation, anchorage, and more."-- Provided by publisher.

Diggersaurs / Michael Whaite.
cover imageBigger than diggers or dinosaurs, a crew of diggersaurs rumble, crunch, and stack their way through a busy day at the construction site.

I found a kitty! / Troy Cummings.
cover imageWhen Arfy finds a homeless kitten, he writes letters to prospective owners, hoping to find the perfect home for his new friend.

This book is gray / Lindsay Ward.
cover imageGray just wants to be included. But the other colors are always leaving him out. So he decides to create his own project: an all-gray book. Once upon a time, there lived a wolf, a kitten, and a hippo... Gray just knows it's going to be perfect. But as he adds page after page, the Primary and Secondary colors show up...and they aren't quite so complimentary. A book within a book, this colorful tale explores the ideas of fitting in, appreciating others, and looking at things from another perspective and also uses personality and wit to introduce basic color concepts.-- Publisher's description.

The boring book / Shinsuke Yoshitake.
cover imageA child, bored by his toys, contemplates the emotion and concept of boredom, and whether or not it is boring to be an adult--or a child.

The sea mammal alphabet book / Jerry Pallotta ; illustrated by Tom Leonard.
cover image"Alphabet counting book featuring a variety of sea mammals"-- Provided by publisher.

The problem with problems / Rachel Rooney ; illustrated by Zehra Hicks.
cover imageHave you ever met a Problem? They come in all shapes and sizes, and can pop up at the most inconvenient times. But you should know some things about them that will help you make them disappear...

Catch that chicken! / Atinuke ; illustrated by Angela Brooksbank.
cover image"The team behind Baby Goes to Market and B Is for Baby visit a Nigerian village for a humorous ode to childhood ingenuity. Lami is the best chicken catcher in the whole village. Her sister may be speedy at spelling, her friend fast at braiding hair, and her brother brave with bulls, but when it comes to chickens, nobody is faster or braver than Lami. That is, until the day when Lami chases a little too fast, up the baobab tree, and reaches a little too far . . . ow! How can she catch chickens with an ankle that's puffed up like an angry lizard? Could it be, as Nana Nadia says, that quick thinking is more important than quick running? Award-winning author Atinuke celebrates Nigerian village life in a story vibrantly illustrated by Angela Brooksbank with a universal message at its heart"--Amazon.com.

If you want a friend in Washington : wacky, wild & wonderful presidential pets / Erin McGill.
cover image"A clever, funny, and informative look at the pets--from Calvin Coolidge's wallaby to Teddy Roosevelt's flying squirrels--that have passed through the White House gates."-- Provided by publisher.

All the birds in the world / David Opie.
cover image"Take a beautifully illustrated journey -- with an adorable kiwi bird as your guide -- through the vast and colorful world of birds, with its tapestry of textures, sounds, and sights."--Publisher's description.

My brother's lion / written and illustrated by Joshua Burleson.
cover image"My Brother's Lion is a story about the deep friendship shared between a little boy and his magical stuffed lion. Together they embark on an epic journey to fix a broken constellation and repair the night sky. Whether it's fixing a mechanical dragon, wading through chocolate swamps or standing up to the villainous "Scissorat", these two companions stumble upon a rich and meaningful world begging to be explored."-- Amazon.com

Hewitt Anderson's great big life / Jerdine Nolen ; illustrated by Kadir Nelson.
cover imageWhen tiny Hewitt is born into a family of giants, everyone learns that sometimes small is best of all.

Peppa Pig story treasury.
cover imagePass the time with plenty of Peppa! Celebrate every little one's favorite pig with a treasury of six much-loved stories. Join Peppa Pig, George, and all their friends and family for six separate stories -- all in one book! Perfect for curling up with during story hour or bedtime, this collection whisks readers away on adventure after adventure. From jumping in muddy puddles to checking out books from the library, Peppa's days are filled with fun. Fans will spend hours poring over the delightful trove of tales, including: Peppa Pig and the Muddy Puddles Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School Peppa Pig and the Day at the Museum Peppa Pig and the Great Vacation Peppa Pig and the Library Visit Peppa Pig and the Treasure Hunt.

The promise basket / Bill Richardson ; pictures by Slavka Kolesar.
cover image"A stone when it's thrown can damage, can break, but nothing can shatter the promise I make." So begins the poem a mother writes on a scrap of paper. She wraps the paper around a stone and places it in a basket to give to her daughter on her first birthday. They are poor, but the mother is determined that gifts will be given when gifts need giving. She keeps her promise, and the Promise Basket, too. Every time there is a need for gifts, the mother finds a pretty stone to tie up with paper and ribbon, and gives it to her daughter in the basket. She continues the tradition over the years until her daughter has a baby of her own... The love between a mother and her daughter is celebrated in this lyrical story from Bill Richardson, featuring colorful illustrations by Slavka Kolesar."-- Provided by publisher.

My big bad monster / by A.N. Kang.
cover image"A young girl learns to overcome the monster of self-doubt"-- Provided by publisher.

Inky the Octopus / words by Erin Guendelsberger ; art by David Leonard.
cover imageOut of this tank, I must be free. I must explore the open sea! Follow Inky the octopus as he escapes from the National Aquarium of New Zealand to the ocean! Based on a true story, Inky the Octopus chronicles the adventure that the real-life Inky might have taken on his escape to freedom in the open ocean!

Owen at the park / Scot Ritchie.
cover image"It's a busy morning in the park. All along the boulevard, families are picnicking and people are napping, playing checkers and reading on the grass. But Owen and his dad are hard at work, raking and mowing the grass. And today, Owen gets to do the best job all on his own. With his dad's encouragement, Owen gathers his courage and goes around to everyone in the park. He tells the families, the checkers players and the readers what he has to do, and they rush off. Finally, when the park is empty, it is the moment Owen has been waiting for. He turns the tap for the sprinkler system, and water cascades over the trees and flower beds. In creating this book, Scot Ritchie was inspired by his trip to the beautiful Tiergarten park in Berlin. Owen at the Park is a sweet story illuminating the small pleasures in everyday life and the excitement of a child taking on new responsibilities."-- Provided by publisher.

What happens next? / Nicola Davies ; illustrated by Marc Boutavant.
cover image"Animals do all kinds of amazing things ... but can you tell what they'll do NEXT? Flip the flaps to find out!"--Page 4 of cover.

Sharon, Lois & Bram's Skinnamarink / with Randi Hampson ; illustrated by Qin Leng.
cover image"Based on the classic folk song made famous by a beloved trio of children's entertainers, this picture book is best sung aloud! 'Skinnamarink' is a timeless anthem of love and inclusion."-- Provided by publisher.

Play outside! / Laurent Moreau.
cover imageSent outside by their mother, two rambunctious children explore their own garden, deserts, mountains, oceans, and jungles and encounter many species of animals that are endangered or nearly extinct. Includes an index of the animals and each one's level of vulnerability to extinction.

The village blacksmith / Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ; illustrated by G. Brian Karas.
cover image"The neighborhood blacksmith is a quiet and unassuming presence, tucked in his smithy under the chestnut tree. Sturdy, generous, and with sadness of his own, he toils through the day, passing on the tools of his trade, and come evening, takes a well-deserved rest. Longfellow's timeless poem is enhanced by G. Brian Karas's thoughtful and contemporary art in this modern retelling of the tender tale of a humble craftsman. An afterword about the tools and the trade of blacksmithing will draw readers curious about this age-honored endeavor, which has seen renewed interest in developed countries and continues to be plied around the world." --Amazon.com.

Izzy and Frank/ written by Katrina Lehman ; illustrated by Sophie Beer.
cover imageIzzy loved her island. But most of all, she loved Frank the seagull. Izzy and Frank spend blue-sky-sunny days and grey-cloud-rainy days roaming and playing by the sea. But when Izzy has to leave her lighthouse and island life behind to move to the city, she also has to say goodbye to Frank. The city is crowded and noisy, and Izzy misses the sand and the sea. Can Izzy find a place for herself in her new home? And will she ever see Frank again?

Spacebot / Mike Twohy.
cover imageWhen a mysterious visitor arrives from outer space one night, a family dog makes an unexpected friend.

Salma the Syrian chef / story by Danny Ramadan ; art by Anna Bron
cover image"Newcomer Salma and friends cook up a heartwarming dish to cheer up Mama. All Salma wants is to make her mama smile again. Between English classes, job interviews, and missing Papa back in Syria, Mama always seems busy or sad. A homemade Syrian meal might cheer her up, but Salma doesn't know the recipe, or what to call the vegetables in English, or where to find the right spices! Luckily, the staff and other newcomers at the Welcome Center are happy to lend a hand--and a sprinkle of sumac. With creativity, determination, and charm, Salma brings her new friends together to show Mama that even though things aren't perfect, there is cause for hope and celebration. Syrian culture is beautifully represented through the meal Salma prepares and Anna Bron's vibrant illustrations, while the diverse cast of characters speaks to the power of cultivating community in challenging circumstances."-- Provided by publisher.

Little kids first big book of pets / Catherine D. Hughes.
cover image"Readers learn all about pets with fur, feathers, fins, scales, and shells--and how to find and care for the perfect pet for their family. From cats to dogs to guinea pigs to birds to fish to snakes and more, this reference book introduces kids to a wide variety of family-friendly pets." -- (Source of summary not specified)

Nana Akua goes to school / by Tricia Elam Walker ; illustrated by April Harrison.
cover imageZura is worried about how her classmates will react to her Ghanaian Nana's tattoos on Grandparents Day, but Nana finds a way to show how special and meaningful they are.

The hidden rainbow / by Christie Matheson.
cover imageIllustrations and simple, rhyming text invite the reader to uncover the rainbow of colors hidden in a garden, which helps flowers bloom and bees find food. Includes facts about bees and their importance.

My brother the duck / by Pat Zietlow Miller ; illustrated by Daniel Wiseman.
cover imageStella Wells, fledgling scientist, has a new baby brother, Drake, and she is seriously considering the possibility that he is a duck--but further research is required to test that hypothesis.

Superheroes don't babysit / by Amber Hendricks ; illustrated by Kyle Reed.
cover imageIn the middle of saving the city, a superhero is asked to keep an eye on her little brother.

When the storm comes / written by Linda Ashman ; illustrated by Taeeun Yoo.
cover imageIllustrations and easy-to-read, rhyming text show the many different ways in which people and animals prepare for a storm and take shelter.

Together we grow / written by Susan Vaught ; illustrated by Kelly Murphy.
cover imageWhen a bad storm drives all of the farm animals into the barn, can they set aside their fears and welcome wild animals, too?

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