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School Resource Officer

The Newport Police Department is committed to working in close partnership with the Lincoln County School District to provide a safe and secure learning environment. In September 2016, an Officer was assigned to Newport area schools, where his primary responsibility is to serve as a sworn law enforcement officer within his assigned school community.

The position of SRO was created to assist school personnel in the prevention, intervention, and investigation of criminal activity on school property. The SRO provides a uniformed, visible police presence to deter violent acts/threats from inside and outside the school.

The SRO is responsible for handling incidents that occur on school property during normal school hours and after school events. SRO responsibilities shall include:

  • - child abuse investigations
  • - criminal damage to school property
  • - theft of school property
  • - theft of personal property
  • - protection of school personnel
  • - training of school personnel in handling emergencies
  • - assistance in writing school emergency policies
  • - prevention and control of illegal drugs on school property
  • - seizure of firearms and other illegal weapons on school property
  • - attending after school events, such as dances, ball games, festivals, etc.
  • - assisting in reducing intimidation/bullying of students by other students

    The SRO shall perform initial and follow-up investigations for most offenses reported during school (theft, robbery, assault, destruction of property, etc.) that occurred on a school campus. He will place criminal charges against offenders when legally appropriate.

On school property, school personnel have authority that police officers do not have. The SRO may assist school personnel in matters for which school personnel have primary responsibility.

School Resource Officer Thomas Lekas

School Resource Officer Thomas Lekas