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The Newport Police Department's Property and Evidence Room is staffed by one civilian from the Records Division as Custodian, and a back-up Custodian (currently the Community Service Officer), who are supervised by the Lieutenant.

The Property and Evidence Division is responsible for receiving, cataloging, storing, and maintaining all evidence collected during an investigation. Evidence may include firearms, weapons, blood samples, urine samples, personal property, found property, and items collected as part of an investigation. The Property Section is also responsible for returning property to the rightful owner at the conclusion of an investigation or disposing of such property in accordance with Oregon Revised Statutes.

The Property and Evidence Division's primary function is to retain evidence for the prosecution of criminal court cases. The unit is also responsible for the proper intake, control, storage, release and/or disposal of all property confiscated, appropriated, seized or otherwise taken into custody by the Newport Police Department. This property may include recovered stolen, abandoned, and found property, as well as property received for safekeeping.

Newport Police Department is only responsible for property/evidence collected by our Department. If your property was collected or seized by another law enforcement agency within Lincoln County (such as Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, Oregon State Police, Lincoln City Police Department, or Toledo Police Department), you will need to contact that agency directly for the disposition of your property.

The Evidence Custodian does not have the authority to release property taken as evidence without prior authorization from the Lincoln County District Attorney's Office. The Evidence Custodian can facilitate the process for release of property, but does not have the authority to determine what property can be released or when it can be released.

Evidence and property that is no longer needed for court proceedings and the owner is known, will be released. The Evidence Custodian will send a letter stating the property can be picked up to the owner's last known address on file in our office, or if not current, to the last known address on file with the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles. Evidence and property used in the commission of a crime, such as controlled substances or related instruments and/or contraband, which are unlawfully used or possessed, will be destroyed.

Newport Police Department utilizes Covanta Energy in Brooks for the disposal of all property. All materials are destroyed at Covanta's energy-from-waste facilities by incineration at temperatures in excess of 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit, hot enough to prevent harmful air emissions and to ensure that the resulting ash is completely inert. The disposal process is witnessed at Covanta by no less than two Newport Police Department personnel, including the Property and Evidence Custodian.

Property will be released Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Property will not be released to the owner without photo identification (i.e. driver’s license, state ID card, passport.) You may be asked to supply proof of ownership. To inquire about property release please call 541-574-3348.


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