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Volunteer Cadet Program


To provide the opportunity for young residents of our response district to learn and use individual and team skills in an emergency environment.



The program will be open to residents of Newport and the Newport Rural Fire Protection District aged 16 or 17. Cadets selected for participation will be expected to train, participate and take an active part in the organization with certain limitations.



  1. Cadets will obey the constitution, bylaws, SOPs and SOGs and perform as would any other
  2. Cadets must maintain a 2.5 GPA and have no failing classes, nor any unexcused absences.
    (with the exception of special circumstances, i.e. IEP or other)
  3. Cadets will have the same rights, privileges and responsibilities as any other member.
    Other limitations notes will apply.
  4. Cadet must have permission of parent or guardian to join and parent or guardian must be
    included in interview.
  5. Cadet candidate must complete “Essentials” and the reamaining courses of Firefighter I Academy within 6
  6. Training goal for cadet is to complete Basic Firefighter Task Performance (Phases I and II)
    within the first year and Firefighter I in their second year.
  7. The Cadet program will initially accept no more than 4 persons, with expansion at the
    discretion of the Fire Chief.
  8. Cadets will perform tasks and duties under supervision of an Officer (at minimum a nonprobationary


  1. A Cadet will not make interior attack or be allowed in an IDLH (imminent danger of life or
    health) environment.
  2. A Cadet will not operate power tools, vehicles or apparatus.
  3. A Cadet will not work on ladders over 25 feet.
  4. A Cadet will not respond to calls during school hours.
  5. A Cadet will not respond to calls later than 10 p.m. on school nights and midnight on all
    other nights.
  6. A Cadet will not participate in a technical function with any technical rescue (example: high angle rope rescue).
  7. A Cadet will not be allowed to work a stipend shift.
  8. A Cadet is not allowed to respond to a call in their POV (personal vehicle). They are required to respond to the fire station unless prior arrangements have been made.


Please print out and complete the attached Cadet Application Form. Completed forms can be returned to the main station.

Cadet Program Application Form