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Training Facility

Newport Fire’s Training Facility sits on a 3-acre parcel that used to be a waste water treatment facility. The facility consists of a tower, drafting pit and vehicle extrication area.

The Training Tower is a 4 story structure that contains a Class-A burn room, two rappelling stations, sprinkler/standpipe training rooms, roof prop and a below grade (basement) room. The tower is also equipped with an on-site smoke generator so that any or all of the tower can be filled with smoke for training purposes, such as search and rescue. The tower also has a single story and multi-story built-in roof props.

The drafting pit capacity is approximately 60,000 gallons and is used for pump testing along with pumper operator and drafting operations training.

The vehicle extrication area, nick named “Thunderdome” is an above ground containment area utilized for vehicle extrication and stabilization.

Future plans for the Training Facility include building an indoor multipurpose training building with a built in classroom and further paving for Truck Operations Training.