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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do with my old, expired flares?

Soak them in water for 24-hours then you may dispose of them in your garbage

What do I need to do to burn yard debris?

A permit is required to burn yard debris, and can be obtained online, permits are free of charge.  Residents may schedule burn dates the day of the burn or for a later scheduled date(s).  If you need assistance, please contact the fire department.

Does the fire department take old cell phones?

Yes, we do.

What do I do with my expired batteries?

Bring them to the main fire station, we can dispose of them.

Can I have a bonfire on the beach?

The fire department does not have jurisdiction over the beach. You need to contact the State Parks and Rec department at 503-986-0980.

Can we set off Lanterns or Luminaries off the cliffs of the beach?

That calls for a special permit from ODF and you can reach them at 541-336-2273

Where can I get assistance obtaining and/or installing a Smoke Alarm/Detector?

1. Call the American Red Cross at 541-749-4144

2. Visit redcross.org/GetAnAlarm

3. Email preparedness@redcross.org

Can I bring used Sharps to the Fire Station for Disposal?
No, the FireDepartment does not accept used Sharps for Disposal. Contact Thompsons Disposal Service.