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Recreational Fires now allowed in Lincoln County




Burning Permit/Yard Debris: The fire debris burning pile can be no larger than 3 feet (36”) by 3 feet (36”) and 2 feet (24”) tall.  Construction materials, dimensional lumber and plywood or plastics are not allowed.  Land clearing of large piles of debris is not a permit function of NFD, contact Oregon Department of Forestry concerning land clearing (541)-336-2273.  A water source to extinguish the fire is required and must be present at all times during burning.  All material being burned must be from the property where burning is taking place.  Fires in an open pit must be 25 feet from the nearest building, shed or wood fence.  Burn barrels must be at least 15 feet from the nearest building, shed or wooden fence.  Newport Fire department must be contacted at 541-265-9461 each day before initiating yard debris burning.  Should you reach a recording at this number leave your name, address and permit number on the voice mail.




Burn Permits are free of charge and can be obtained by contacting the Fire Station.


Updated 10/13/2020